Winslow's Weekly Update

What's Happening in Room B-4


This week is week 3 of learning how to make connections and inferences. We will be reading our Readers Theater called Humpty Dumpty's Fall. Our phonics lesson will focus on the long a digraphs. (ai and ay) We will use words like day, say, gray, chain, sail, rain...)

In grammer, we will focus on number words. This will be a review as we have also done this in math.


We will learn about measuring things using inches this week. We will use what we know about graphing and combine measurement in some of our comparisons. We will learn about some shapes like parallelogram, trapezoid and hexagons.

Important News

***Thank you to those who have already signed up for a conference time. If you have not had the chance, I sent home another information sheet that will help you do this. Let me know if you are having difficulty...I can help!

***One of our classmates had their last day with us today. Savannah is moving back to the Phillipines. We will miss her! Please take her off the valentine list.

***This week will be having our second art switch. The classes will travel to the other first grade rooms to complete a lesson on lines. It is always fun to visit other classes!

***We will have a special time in the media center with our 3rd grade buddies. There will be lots of activities for us to complete as we get ready for the Groovy Book Fair. If your child wants to buy a lollipop from the lollipop tree, they can cost 50 cents. They can bring it on Tuesday.