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Poison Control By: Allie Boroff

What is Poison Control?

Poison Control is a 24 hour hotline that provides emergency medical advice on treating poison victims.

This means that if someone was to drink or get any kind of poison in their eye, you would call the poison control so that they can tell you what to do and how to treat it.

Poison Control Number: 1(800) 222-1222

Calling Poison Control

If you ever need to call poison control make sure that you are giving them all of your personal information. They need this so that they know your age, height and weight so that they can give you the correct information on how to treat your poison problem.

Definition of Poison: Any substance; solid, liquid or gas that causes injury, illness or death when introduced into the body.

Need to Know What To Do?

What if poison is swallowed? You need to quickly find out what was swallowed and call the Poison Control Center number that is on the back of the bottle or whatever may have been swallowed. Make sure that you listen to all of the directions that are given to you and carefully follow them.

What if poison is inhaled? Get yourself or the person that inhaled the poison to a place with fresh air. Fresh air will most likely be outside if you are inside. If the person that inhaled all of the poison is not breathing, start rescue breathing them or in other words, do CPR and call for medical help.

Poison on the skin? You need to remove any kind of contaminated clothing and rinse the skin with water for 15 minutes. After that 15 minutes, rise the skin with soap and water and have yourself or someone call 911 for extra medical help.

What if poison is in the eyes? Immediately start cleaning out your eyes with water and continue to do this. Make sure that the person is blinking his eyes multiple times and do not force or your eyes open and do not rub the eye. Call for medical help and let them help as well.