Elimination Diets

Finding the flaws in this fad diet

The Facts

1. Claims made? They're an alternative treatment for food allergies, and they help you lose weight quickly.

2. Flaws in the claims? They've proven to make allergies worse over time, and weight will be gained back quickly once the patient strays from the diet.

3. You can consume vegetables like carrots and beets, water and teas, lean meats, and most fruits. You can not consume sugar, bacon, eggs, peanuts, or milk.

4. In comparison to the food pyramid, the diet(s) leave out a chunk of protein and dairy that is essential to a healthy diet.

5. Why might those who want to lose weight be vulnerable to the promises of elimination diets? They promise that you can consume a variety of foods while losing weight and controlling food allergies.

6. What would some long term health issues include for someone taking up this diet? Their food allergies could become worse, their bones could weaken, and they could develop an eating disorder.

7. These diets usually only last 5-10 days.

8. The patients may become sensitive to fumes and odors.

9. Elimination diets include veganism and vegetarianism.