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Harrington Elementary - February 16th, 2017

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The Harrington Staff is so proud to announce that our very own 5th grade science teacher, Mr. Griffin, has been promoted to a district level position as the director of 5th grade camp and director of the Outdoor Learning Center. Mr. Griffin will have opportunities to develop new curriculum for the camp experience for 5th graders across Plano ISD. He begins his new position after this school year closes on June 2.

We will miss "Mr. Keith" very much! Many of our former students remember him as the PASAR site director at Harrington while he completed his BA from UTD. He has been an essential ingredient to our PTA's successful programs for the students for years. We will never forget your ability to grab yet another costume from your collection in order to bring the curriculum to life! 5th graders and staff will especially look forward to camp each year to reconnect with you.

Harrington PTA Won the Welcome Back Award! Congratulations!!

Way to go! Your PTA has earned the Welcome Back Award!

In the words of Richard G. Scott, “When you determine you are going to succeed, you will find a way”. In the first month of 2017, your PTA has proven to carry on the words of Richard G. Scott by recruiting at least 10 new members to your PTA. With the support of your PTA, your new members will learn to commit themselves to their school, empower themselves as caring adults, and will be better informed about Texas PTA legislative priorities.

Just as a reminder, I would like to invite you to Texas PTA Rally Day, Monday, February 27! By attending Rally Day, your community’s voice will be heard and will influence the future of our children. Take a moment to review the Texas PTA Legislative Priorities. Some in your community may not know about our advocacy efforts. Share the information and ask them to add their voice, by joining your PTA. #EveryMemberCounts when we work to make every child’s potential a reality at the Capitol.

The Share the Love Award and many more awards are well within your reach. The next award deadline is February 28th. A PTA must submit membership roster and dues for at least 14 new members to our mailing address. Visit to learn about every award opportunity and their corresponding deadlines.

Your Welcome Back Award emblem is truly a badge of honor. We hope you will show it off in your PTA emails, social media channels and your PTA’s website.


Larriann Curtis
Texas PTA Vice President Membership

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