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Williams Elementary - November 2020

Important Dates

November 3 Election Day, No School

November 8 Last Day For Online Book Fair

November 11 Veterans Day

November 18 Paraprofessional Day

November 16-20 Online Santa Store

November 23-27 Thanksgiving Holidays, No School

December 18 Early Release

December 21 January 5 Christmas Holidays

Online Book Fair

Our online Book Fair will continue until Sunday, November 8. To shop all of the books available, please click here.


This year the PTO's Santa Store will also be online. The dates that you can purchase gifts are November 16-20. This is a great chance to get some Christmas shopping done and help the school at the same time! More information will be coming soon! Be sure to look for the flyer in next week's Thursday folder.

Book Character Pumpkins

Our librarian, Mrs. Ramirez, helped change our "Book Character Parade" to a "Pumpkin Book Character Fair." Each class chose a character from a book and then decorated the class pumpkin. The pumpkins were displayed in the library for everyone to see. Check out some of the awesome designs! THANK YOU HEB for donating the pumpkins!

Principal's Message

WES Parents and Guardians,

Believe it or not, we are over half way through the fall semester! Although it has been far from a normal year, our kids have adjusted to the new procedures and seem very happy to be at school with their friends and teachers. Our virtual classes have also fallen into a routine and technical issues are rarely a problem now. We are still making adjustments, but I believe that we are almost there!

I want to thank all of our parents and guardians for all of your patience and for working with us to help keep our kids and staff safe! Please reach out to us if you have concerns or ideas.


Claudia Dominguez


Adopt A Veteran

If you or someone in your family is a veteran, please email me at Because we are unable to recognize our veterans with our usual tradition of an on campus celebration, our classes will be adopting a veteran. Students will write letters to our deserving veterans thanking them for their service. Williams Elementary loves our veterans!

Our School Counselor, Mrs. Gonzales

Howdy, my name is Claudia Gonzales and I am the school counselor. I am an educator and a learner. This is my sixth year serving Williams Elementary students and loving every day of it. My goal is not to only help make Williams Elementary students better students, but better people by serving the whole child in a positive learning environment.

Please visit my webpage by clicking here. You can find information about student safety, community resources, and parent/student referrals. If at any time you need my assistance please don't hesitate to contact me at 281-356-6866 or I'm here to serve our students.

School Times

6:30 Early Morning Child Care Doors Open

(See below for more information)

7:35 Last Time to Drop Off Children at EMCC

7:45 School Doors Open

8:25 Doors on Buddy Riley Side of School Are Locked

(Main doors remain unlocked)

8:30 Classes Begin

2:30 Last time to call with a same day transportation change for your child

3:40 Dismissal

3:45-6:30 Hours of After School Adventures Program

(See below for more information)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat lunch in the cafeteria with my child this year?

Not at this time. In an effort to keep your child safe, we are limiting the adults on campus to essential personnel.

I filled out the lunch application last year. Do I need to fill it out again this year?

Yes. This is application must be filled out every year. Children that were on this program last year will be allowed to continue eating for free or at the reduced price for the first 3 weeks of school, but the application must be completed again for the program to continue past that time. Families that fill out the form and qualify for the program, also receive discounts on the Adventures after school child care registration and, in some cases, a lower rate on home internet.

I want my child to wear a mask at school but he/she left it at home. What do I do?

Don't worry. We have all types of children's masks at school in different sizes and with different designs. Just call our main number and let the receptionist know that your child left his/her mask at home and you would like us to supply one. Not a problem.

I need to come in the school building for a meeting, but I forgot my mask. What do I do?

Call the receptionist and let her know that you forgot your mask. We will meet you at the front door with a disposable mask. Don't feel bad, it happens.

Has the dismissal process changed this year?

Yes, but only on the inside of the building. As a parent, you should not see a difference. Parents still drop off and pick up students on the Buddy Riley side of the building. Instead of putting all car riders in the gym to wait on parents, we have students waiting in different locations and divided by grade level so that we can continue to social distance during this process.

I know that the school is offering all meetings via ZOOM, but what if I need to meet in person for something?

If you feel that you need to meet face to face with school personnel or if you need to bring in documents, a meeting can be set up in the front office area. We have several offices in that front area and will gladly set up a place for the meeting to take place.

Can I drop off lunch for my child?

Yes. We ask that you do this only now and then to help us limit the number of visitors/adults on campus.

Can I still bring food/desserts for the class when it is my child's birthday?

No. The MISD nutrition department is now offering individually wrapped cupcakes, cookies, and ice cream desserts that can be purchased ahead of time and delivered to the class.

If the water fountains are not being used, what happens if my child is thirsty?

We are asking that you send a reusable bottle with your child's name on it which we can refill with our "no touch" water dispensers. For students that don't have/lose/forget their water bottle, we have water stations in each grade area that will either have small cups of water with lids or small water bottles, depending on the age of the students.

Will WES be having concerts and assemblies this year?

It is too early to say what will happen for the entire school year, but, at this time, we are not planning for anything that requires large groups on campus. Hopefully, this will change.

My child has to go to the clinic daily to take medication. I am concerned that he/she might be around a sick student. What can I do to avoid this?

We have expanded our clinic waiting area by converting our registrar's office into an area for students that feel sick and are showing covid-19 and/or flu symptoms. Sick students and students needing medication/asthma inhalers/band-aids, etc. will not use the same waiting area.

This has been a hard year for my family and we need help with school supplies and other things to get our children ready for the school year. Who do I contact if we need help?

Please reach out to our counselor, Claudia Gonzales at The year 2020 has been difficult for many families. Mrs. Gonzales is our resident resource expert.

Early Morning Child Care

MISD will once again be offering early morning child care (EMCC) for parents that need to drop off their children before 7:45 a.m. For more information on EMCC and a link to register your child, please click here. There is no charge for this service. If you have specific questions, please contact our campus coordinator, Ms. Lisa Yaudas at

After School Adventures Program

If you need your child to remain at WES after school is dismissed, we offer the Adventures after school program. The hours are 3:45-6:30. For information on this program, including prices and how to register, please click here.

What bus does my child ride?

If you need information on what bus your child rides, please click here.


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