By Ashton Dixon and Garret Sullivan

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The word GIF in terms of grammatical correctness is pronounced the way it is written. This goes for almost any word starting with G followed by a vowel as in gift, gamma, guy, girl. There are exceptions such as gem and giraffe, but these derive from words starting with the letter "J". GIF however is an acronym standing for "Graphic Interchange Format" so it would be assumed that the pronunciation is gif. These people are wrong however.

The original programmers that made the GIF said that the pronunciation of the word is JIF, like the peanut butter brand. Steve Wilhite, the creator of GIF's said that it is pronounced as JIF. In any GIF created, the text "Oh, incidentally, it's pronounced "JIF". Lastly, this pronunciation is possible due to the fact that again the word comes from an acronym so it doesn't have to follow grammatical rules. It is in short...slang.

The History

A GIF is a short video created with three or more pictures to show movement. It was created by Steve Wilhite for a project in his business called CompuServe in 1987. Throughout the 29 years its been around, it has been crowned word of the year by Oxford Dictionary in 2012 and has been featured in a Final Jeopardy category. It has also been pronounced wrong the whole time and by this class. I could really care less how you say it, just know the right way to say it.
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