Technology at LV

Josh Mains

Typing Web

1) For the semester we had to complete the Intermediate Course .

2) Typing Web helped me become an fluent and accurate typist.

3) This is an online typing website.


1) iTrailer is an app that allows us to make short movies about something.

2) This semester we had to make an iTrailer about ourselves.

3) The app allows us to make iTrailer by recording short clips.

Career Locker

1) Career Locker is an online website that helps us make decisions about what we want to do and be when we get older.

2) On Career Locker we take short quizzes about ourselves and then match them to jobs that match our results.

3) It was a fun experience because it prepares us for when we are older, by making us have a plan.

Haiku Deck

1) Haiku Deck is an app that allows us to make presentations.

2) This semester we had to make a presentation about what we wanted to be when we grew up.

3) I enjoyed it because it allowed me to share my thoughts about what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Explain Everything

1) Explain Everything is an app that does what the name entails, explain everything.

2) This semester we had to make an Explain Everything video explaining how to solve a math problem of our choosing.

3) I enjoyed this app because we could actually speak and explain our video.

Hour of Code

1) Hour of Code is a website that allows us to do fun little games and control how the game is played.

2) One game we got to do was Flappy Bird. We could change the back round, the character, and the amount of points you get.

3) I enjoyed this website because it felt awesome to be able to control you own game.

Email Etiquette

1) For Email Etiquette we had to create an email with proper etiquette and send it to our teacher.

2) I created an email saying that I wasn't at school on Tuesday because I was sick and was wondering if we had any homework.

3) Email Etiquette was fun because it taught me how to make write an email properly.