decorations and furniture, construction, skillets, Dutch ovens, and automobiles.

Also Known As;

Atomic Number 26, Fe, and Elemental Iron.


Atomic mass- 55.845 ± 0.002 u, color- silvery grey, characteristics- atomic number 26, metallic, density- 7.874 g/cm3, melting point- 1,538 °C, hardness in mohs-4.5.

Modus Operandi;

Iron is a very reactive element. Iron is not poisonous, but should not be eaten. Iron isn't flammable nor explosive.

First Arresting Officer;


Arrest Report on First Arrest;

It was first used by the Egyptians and the Sumerians in 4000 BC. It was taken from meteorites to make spears. It is unknown how the Egyptians and Sumerians came to use iron. It was first smelted from ore between the years 2000 and 1200 BC.

Last Known Whereabouts;

Iron is the fourth most common element on earth's crust, taking up about 5% of it, however it can also be found in meteorites. The place it is most commonly found is in America, China, and Canada.


In the past, iron was used to make spear heads and tools, much like it is used today.

Known Associates;

Iron and oxygen, iron and nickel, and iron and manganese.


This mineral is generally well behaved.