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Nicaragua has beautiful land and some very beautiful places. Nicaragua has this mountain called Mogoton Peak at it is 7,999 feet in the air. On Lake Nicaragua near the town of Granada is absolutely stunning with beautiful vegetation all around and it has amazing views of the volcanoes.The most important river in Nicaragua is Rio San Juan. Nicaragua is not an island because It has two countries that border it.Nicaragua has beautiful sites and volcanoes that are MASSIVE!Nicaragua is a very large country in Central America between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Its terrain is mostly coastal plains that eventually rise up to interior mountains. On the Pacific side of the country, there is a narrow coastal plain that is dotted with volcanoes. The climate of Nicaragua is considered tropical in its lowlands with cool temperatures at its higher elevations . Nicaragua’s capital, Managua, has warm temperatures year round that hover around 88oF(31oC).Nicaragua is known for its biodiversity because rain forest covers 7,722 square miles (20,000 sq km) of the Caribbean lowlands.


Many Nicaraguans celebrate New Year’s Day at the pool. Nicaraguan culture has been criticized for the seemingly little work that is done compared to the amount of play. As with all stereotypes, there is a little truth to this statement. Nicaraguans take their holidays, vacations, and parties seriously. is common for rice and beans to be eaten as a breakfast dish. There are many meals including these two staples; one popular dish,Gallo Pinto, is often served as breakfast, sometimes with eggs. Nins do not limit their diet solely to corn, rice, and beans.Nicaragua clothing for men consists of khaki pants, black pants, or jeans, with t-shirts or very lightweight shirts, or light blue checked shirts. Nicaragua clothing for women consists of pants with t-shirts or buttoned shirts, or dresses. Nicaragua women usually tie their hair back in a ponytail or bun.The marimba is Nicaragua’s national instrument. A percussion instrument, it is made of wooden or metal keys or tubes of different lengths, and played with one, two, or four mallets.They like to play very loud music.

Sites to Visit

There are just many things to do in Nicaragua, something for just about any kind of traveller: beautiful colonial cities; interesting culture and art; a complicated yet fascinating history; very friendly people; lush nature; great wildlife and volcanoes. Besides, Nicaragua beaches are gorgeous and lakes have a magnetic beauty. Corn Island Nicaragua is a slice of untouched Caribbean paradise. Finally, add to this an exchange rate that is very convenient and prices that are very cheap, and Nicaragua becomes the perfect country to visit.There also are some lovely international and fusion restaurants in the country, especially in the most touristy destinations.Granada has some of the most well-preserved architecture in Nicaragua. It was the first big Spanish settlement in the country, and many of the buildings and churches in the Spanish colonial style are beautifully preserved (and painted a myriad of colors).

Interesting Facts

1. Soccer was not always the most famous sport in Nicaragua. Baseball in the mid-20th century was once the most popular sport in Nicaragua. 2. Nicaragua is a very large country. It is considered one of central America’s “Tropical Paradise.” If, you get the chance to visit you will surely agree that Nicaragua offers diverse wildlife, culture and history. 3. Nicaragua has two Ocean coasts. Each, on opposite sides of the country. So, you can take a morning swim in the Atlantic Ocean. Then in the Evening take a relaxing dip in the Pacific Ocean.4. Nicaragua is larger than Ireland and Portugal put together.5. Nicaragua s baseball team took 2nd in the 1996 Olympics held in Atlanta.6. The last time john Paul II visited Nicaragua as pope was in 1983!WOW!7. Nicaragua is home to the world’s only “Dual Volcano” The Volcano is in a small mountain range and is fed underground by two separate magma flows. It is the only volcano in the world that can erupt with two diverse magma channels underneath it.11. The largest natural lake in all of Central America is located in Nicaragua. Called lake Nicaragua it is a major tourist attraction.

3 Unique Trivia Facts

1. Nicaragua had the first elected woman president of any central America country. She served from 1991 1997. Also she is the first democratic woman president of any democratic country in the world.

2. Miss Nicaragua was slated to become the winner of the miss universe pageant but came in runner up instead. She is famous for her positive statement about her outlook on life. I quote “I am a young woman with a lot of charisma, and one of my greatest virtues is my positive outlook on life”

3.The oldest city in Central America is located in Nicaragua called Ruins of Leon Viejo. It is the oldest city in all of central America that is still in use today much as it was 1500 years ago.