MLA Bulletin

August 25, 2021

A Message from Bri and Violeta

Dear Families,

Thank you for a great first 2.5 weeks of school! We have loved being back on campus with your wonderful children.

In this bulletin, you will find important updates about the following:

  • Upcoming Events
  • COVID Protocol and COVID Tests
  • Family Volunteers Needed
  • Uniforms
  • Title 1 Meeting

Thanks for reading.

With love,

Bri and Violeta

Upcoming Events

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COVID Protocol and COVID Tests

We want to extend a warm "gracias" to all of our families for doing your part to keep our community safe by getting your child a weekly COVID test. Below, we answer some of the frequently asked questions we are hearing.

We HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to download the ParentSquare app to your smartphone and turn the notifications on. If you need support, please check in with a staff member on the playground in the morning. You can also check ParentSquare via your computer.

How will I learn if my child has been exposed to someone COVID positive while at MLA?

  • In the event that a community member at MLA tests positive for COVID, the entire MLA community will receive a notice via a ParentSquare post, detailing the date the COVID-positive person was last at MLA, and on what campus.
  • If your child is identified as a member of a class that the COVID-positive student or staff member spent time in during the presumed period of possible exposure, you will receive an EMAIL directly from Bri.

What happens when someone at MLA, or an MLA family member tests positive for COVID?

If your child tests positive for COVID or is exposed (without mask) to someone with COVID...

  1. The family immediately informs Bri of the positive test via call or text to her cell at (818)300-5025, or through sending Bri a message on ParentSquare.
  2. Bri informs the District, meets with the District COVID Response Team, and initiates a process called "contact tracing." Bri shifts the ParentSquare health screener response to "positive" or "exposed."
  3. The contact tracers reach out to the family and conduct a contact tracing interview.
  4. Bri informs the MLA community of the COVID case via ParentSquare, and informs the possible prolonged close contacts via email.
  5. The District COVID Response Team completes a series of next steps at the site including deep cleaning, and scheduling a Rapid Response Team for on-site COVID testing.
  6. Bri creates a list of students and staff on Modified Quarantine (those potentially exposed) and shares the list with our testing team and our After School Team.
  7. Our Leadership Team collaborates with the Rapid Response Team to coordinate and monitor testing.
  8. The Contact Tracing Team will reach out to the COVID-positive student or staff member after a 10-day at-home quarantine to determine whether they are cleared to return based on their current COVID status and symptoms.

What is a Modified Quarantine (MQ)?

  • Students on MQ are those who may have been in prolonged, masked, close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID.
  • Students are on MQ for 10 days following the date of presumed exposure.

During the 10 days of MQ...
  • Students are encouraged to still come to school, unless they develop symptoms,
  • Students will be tested twice a week on site by the District's Rapid Response Team; they will be pulled from class for testing.
  • PLEASE COMPLETE THE PRIMARY CONSENT FORM IMMEDIATELY to give us permission to test your child.
  • Students may not participate in MLA's After School Program or any other after school activities.

What steps should I follow if my child gets sick?

  • If your child develops symptoms AT HOME, please keep your child at home and let our Attendance team know about your child's symptoms when we call home.
  • If your child develops symptoms while AT SCHOOL, your child's teacher will ask for support, an admin team member will escort your child to the Wellness Space on campus, and you will be called to come pick up your child.
  • In BOTH CASES, your child must receive clearance to return to school.
  • Your child can be cleared to return to school through (1) a negative PCR test, (2) a note from a doctor attributing their CURRENT symptoms to something other than COVID, (3) a 10-day at-home quarantine with no fever and decreasing symptoms.
  • Please send your child's PCR test to Bri through ParentSquare messenger or via email to prior to their day of return.
  • If your child returns to school without clearance, they will be sent home until they have clearance to return.
  • Your child's absences will be EXCUSED while they wait for clearance to return.

What are COVID symptoms?

  • fever or chills
  • cough
  • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • fatigue
  • muscle or body aches
  • headache
  • new loss of taste or smell
  • sore throat
  • congestion or runny nose
  • nausea or vomiting
  • diarrhea

Where can my child get a COVID test?

  1. Through your healthcare provider or community organization
  2. Through an OUSD testing site: CLICK HERE
  3. At MLA through the Rapid Response Team (scheduled as needed; we will accept walk-ins once all students and staff in modified quarantined have been tested)

How can my child remain academically engaged while home sick or on quarantine?

  • Please send your child's teacher an email or message via ParentSquare to request access to virtual learning materials for your child.
  • Please specify the dates you believe your child will be out, and whether your child will have access to a computer and internet in your home.

Family Volunteers Needed

THANK YOU to all of the families who've helped us sell t-shirts and support our families during pick-up and drop-off at both of our sites.

WE NEED MORE HELP! Please complete this 2021-22 Family Survey to be added to the PTSA email list.

To volunteer on campus, you must have clearance through the Oakland EdFund. Please click here to complete the volunteer clearance process.


We will start checking uniforms next week. If you need uniform support, please email Maestra Gabriela at or encourage your child to find her during lunch and she will help them out!

MLA Annual Title 1 Meeting (SSC)

Thursday, Aug. 26th, 5-6pm

This is an online event.

All are welcome!

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Passcode: l39uRh1O

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