5th Grade News

Here's What's happening in 5th Grade @ SAS

Important Dates

Now through November 18th:

Bring in donations of Stove Top Stuffing (boxes) for El Buen Samaritano

Sunday, November 16th: Latin Banquet (see info below)

Tuesday, November 18th: St. Andrew's Day

November 24-28: Thanksgiving Break

Academic Updates


-In Math, students are focusing on positive and negative integers and "order of operations" (PEMDAS). Students are also practicing simplifying basic order of operation problems. Some students took their understanding to the next level by solving PEMDAS problems involving complex exponents, negative integers, and nested parentheses.

-Looking ahead, students will be completing the pre-test for fraction concepts. They will work on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions and mixed numbers. PEMDAS and algebraic concepts will be included in these fraction units.

Social Studies

-Please check in with your student regarding graded work that went home recently. Any test grade below a 79 should be signed and returned to Ms. Ballon.

-Students are very excited about individual research projects connected to Ancient Egypt. Over the next few weeks, students will be asked to use multiple resources (textbook, websites, film/video, and non-fiction informational books) to gather information about a specific aspect of Ancient Egyptian life. This learning will truly be one of the highlights of the year and something students remember way beyond 5th Grade! Look for more detailed information in Google Classroom.

Language Arts

-Writing: Students are continuing to revise and edit their personal narratives.

-Reading: Students are continuing their reading of Long Walk to Water and asking some essential questions as they do their reading: How do culture, time and place influence the development of identity? How do individuals survive in a challenging environment? How can we help others in need?

-Vocabulary & Word Study: Ongoing learning opportunities include some of the following concepts and skills: Vocabulary with prefixes, suffixes and root words; figurative language and new vocabulary in both independent reading novels and our class novel; ongoing work in our vocabulary workbook.


-Students will begin presenting their árbol familia (entirely in Spanish) this week. I look forward to getting to know them better through their presentations.

-Learning a second language does not have to be boring! Instead of endless exercises, I try to make the vocabulary, conjugations, and practice a fun endeavor via the reading and role-playing of funny, situational comedy based skits. Students will be given their first skit this week and they will begin rehearsing with their partners. I am looking forward to their performances!

Latin Banquet Information

Students have been studying ancient Roman customs about food, eating, and clothing in preparation for the Latin Banquet. The annual Latin Banquet will take place on Sunday, November 16, from 2:30 pm to 4:45 pm, in Nazro Hall for all St. Andrew's Latin students. This IS a required curricular activity for Latin students. Parents should email Lauren Dill if their student will miss the event.

Costuming for the event does not need to be elaborate or expensive, but we expect students to wear some type of costume. Extra long t-shirts or pillowcases can be used for tunics, which is the basic costume for 5th graders. To get some visual ideas for the costume, visit the Latin Department banquet info page for photos of students from previous banquets.

Parents are not needed to stay at school once their children have been dropped off for the Banquet on November 16. If parents are interested in helping at the Banquet, however, check our volunteer sign-up page. There are still many spots available. If you have questions about volunteering or about the volunteer sign-up page, please contact Anne McKinnerney.
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