Friendship According to Humphrey

By: Betty G. Birney

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Friendship According to Humphrey

By: Betty G. Birney

This is a great book by Betty G Birney and if you like hamsters or frogs as classroom pets then you will like this book.


Humphrey is a class pet and he is so excited to see the new class pet but there is a problem. All the kids love Humphrey, but when Og comes along along all of the kids in room 26 almost forget about Humphrey. Humphrey wants to know what it is but he can't see through the blanket over the glass box next to the cage. Once ms. Brisbane uncovers the cage it was what he didn't want, a frog. The frogs name is Og. Humphrey wasn't so happy but he tries to be friends with him but frog can't speak hamster and hamster can't speak frog. Humphrey isn't happy at all. At the end Humphrey doesn't care how much attention he gets it just matters that Og is a friend.

Quote Me

Here are some quotes from the book.

"The better parts of one's consists of his friendship" By Abraham Lincoln

"The only way to have a friend is to be one" By Ralph Waldo

"To like and dislike the same things, that is indeed true friendship" By Sallust

"A friend is a present you give yourself" By Robert Louis

"A life without a friend is a life without sun" By French proverb

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Age Range: 7-11

Grade Level: 4th grade

Pages: 147

Publisher: The Penguin Grope

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I would recommend reading the Humphrey series. The other books in the Humphrey series are The World According to Humphrey, Trouble According to Humphrey, Surprises According to Humphrey, Adventure According to Humphrey, and Summer According to Humphrey. This book was good but I bet the other ones are good to.

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