Mike Bowden ESL Notes

Weeks of February 1st to February 19th

What's That On the Horizon?

Oh yes, Writing Samples

So it's 10:59 metaphorically and you wish you were in the mood to appreciate that allegory.

The Down & Dirty of Last Minute Writing

Some students may not be writing attention grabbing introductory sentences yet. And if they aren't writing introductions, then the closing is probably weak as well.

I Just Erased My Paper and I Can't Do a Thing With It

Time for some writing first-aid that involves collaboration, conversation, critical thinking and consensus.

Type a passage in large text with a line between each sentence.

Make copies for the number of groups you will have (three or four students per group). Cut the sentences apart, mix them up, THEN number them chronologically.

Put the strips in an envelope.

Give each group an envelope, have the put the sentences in order from 1 to the highest number in their envelope.

If you mixed the sentences up well this passage will make no sense at all.

Make up a funny story for your students about the passage and tell them

they are asked to help fix it.

Here is Where Your 21st Century Skills Come In

Students will record their work in 2 columns. On the left are the sentences from the envelope in the order the students decide. On the right is the student's explanation for the placement of each sentence. It's meta-cognition inaction. No, sorry, metacognition

in action.

But Wait, There's More!

After the students discuss and agree on the order of the sentences and reasons for

the placement, each student can write their own extension of the passage.

If your class does this 4 days, and then writes on the fifth day, how much progress

do you anticipate in week one?

Where will they be at the end of week 3?

Speaking of Week 3...

Let's talk more about writing so you will be less stressed and able to enjoy the upcoming spring that is really on the horizon.

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