Globalization & Geography

By: Ethan Leger (Unit One Summative)

Section 1

6 Word Memoir: People work better together than apart

Globalization has to do with people being integrated and working together.

Some examples of how Geography impacts where, how, and why people live where they do. . .

I live in Derry (03038), New Hampshire of The United States of America. Why do I live in Derry? Derry is a somewhat small town in a state with all 4 seasons, which some places don't have. I am very fortunate to have them. The climate ranges in the winter from 70 Degrees down to about -10 Degrees Fahrenheit (Winter of 2015-2016). I live in a medium sized house while my family is middle class like most other American Citizens. My family is currently renting out this 4 Bedroom 1 Bathroom house and is planning to buy a house next year in a town called Auburn. Almost all of my family lives in New Hampshire so it is nice to be able to see them often and nice that I live near them. New Hampshire isn't known for tornadoes but we will get the occasional hurricane. Most of all I live in New Hampshire because I feel like it's a place I can call home.

Globalization Is. . .

Globalization is people interacting and integrating together along with companies and the government to accomplish a common goal.

The Pros & Cons of Globalization


  • Clearing Wooded Areas to Make Buildings Which Creates Jobs (Environmental)
  • Buying and Selling Online Has Become More User Friendly (Technology)
  • Outsourcing Jobs Makes Us Companies More Money (Economics)
  • Giving Other Countries Jobs to Help Them Out of Poverty (Culture)


  • Global Warming/Pollution Levels Constantly Rising (Environmental)
  • Technology Could Grow at a Faster Rate Than Controllable (Technology)
  • Stock Markets Crashing In Different Countries (China Recently) (Economics)
  • 9/11 Happening Because Thoughts of 1 Race/God Superior (Culture)

Section 2

World Population Map

Natural Resource Map

Manufacturing Map

Transportation Map

Journey With A Nike Shoe

Start to Finish of the Shoe Route

First my shoe starts off as polyethylene from Santa Clara Municipality, Durango, Mexico, EVA (which is used for most of the interior of the shoe, a rubbery material) from Bejing, China, and last of all rubber from Phuket, Thailand. These are the used to make the shoe its self. The resources get sent to one of the three main factories in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia. These factories will fabricate and create the shoe. Once the shoe has been created it its shipped by plane and boat cross countries and shipped by truck and plane in surrounding countries.

Here is a problem created by my product in the Environment. . .

Nike's resources are very widely spread out and they could lower costs if they found cheaper materials closer to Indonesia, Vietnam, and China because that is where the main manufacturing is done.

Here is a problem created by my product with Technology. . .

With shoe websites like Kixify you always have the risk of being scammed because the people that are selling the shoes are normal people and you don’t know who you are buying from. Most of the shoes sold on these websites are Nike or Nike related.

Here is a problem created by my product with Culture. . .

Nike's are expensive shoes so not everyone can afford Nike's and this will make it harder for people who have limited options to get shoes.

Here is a problem created by my product with Economics. . .

The price of Nike shoes is too high they would collect more revenue if they lowered the price of their shoes and found cheaper resources to make the shoes.

Deeper Solution to Environmental Problem

If Nike can't find resources for lower costs they should consider a trade off to a country closer to the main factory/manufacturing countries. If Nike traded some of their products to a country that might not be able to afford those products other wise they might be able to get cheaper materials for their shoes.

Section 3

How Globalization Relates To Me. . .

Globalization relates to me in a big way because I am a part of globalization!

Culture: Even though the United States is an American (English) based country you will still find people from other cultures and religions. This is normal to see and it just goes to show how people come together no matter what religion they are or where they come from to form a society where everyone is equal.

Environment: I don't have a car from a different country so for instance if my gather owned a McLaren made in the United Kingdom then that would have a big effect on our environment especially with rising carbon emissions that would pollute the air and make the United States air quality very poor.

Economics: I buy clothes all the time but you wouldn't think of anything if you were buying clothes from a company that was started in the United States. Actually if you look on your clothes tag you will see one place "Made In . . ." There might only be one country on that tag but that item of clothing has been processed and worked on in several different countries.

Technology: The smart phone you carry around all day might have its head quarters in the United States but actually Iphone's are made in China and Samsung's are made in South Korea and the head quarters is in South Korea! Which goes to show not even some of our every day use devices are made in the United States.

Ending 6 Word Memoir

Coming Together To Solve Common Problems