Edwin Hubble

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Edwin Hubble born

Edwin Hubble was born on November 20/1889 at his grandparents house in Marshfield,Missouri. He was the third child out of 8 to John and Virginia Hubble/James. When Edwin was 8 his sister died of Scarlet Fever. In 1898 when Edwin was 10 him and his family moved to Chicago, Illinois where Edwin lived until 16. When Edwin was 16 he was a freshman at the university of chicago. Where he earned his PH.D In 1917 In astronomy and Mathematics. When Edwin was 63 he suffered a stroke And died of a cerebral thrombosis on September 28th 1953.

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This is Edwin Hubble around 16

Edwins work

Edwin Hubble was famous because of his theories and discoveries of the galaxies. People thought of him as a leader. Hubble's law showed that the universe was getting bigger. In 1919 Edwin Hubble joined the staff at mount wilson observatory. In 1920 Hubble made important discoveries about our nublue. Hubble won a number of honors and awards in 1946. He received a medal for his work. Today you can remember Edwin Powell Hubble by the Hubble space telescope named after him.

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his feel

When Edwin was in astronomy he was thought of as a leader. He came up with the greatest ideas. He has his own law. Hubble also had a telescope named after him. Hubble was very talented. He made a theory that changed astronomy. He resed medals and awards for his work. His whole life hubler focused on astronomy.