Greer Middle College Charter H.S.

Wednesday Wrap Up


  • Friday: I expect you to be here until noon or when your last SLC is done after noon.

  • Teacher Survey---This is for our school report card. Please click on the following link: Our ISDN code is 2301616 The survey will take less than 10 min. Get this done quickly, please.

  • Grades: we do have a Q3 grade floor for 10th, 11th, and 12th graders at 50 and 61 for 9th graders. A student should not have a 79 for Q1, Q2, or Q3. If a student has a 78 or less, I expect an email at the least and a phone call with a consistently below mastery grade is better. I would make sure to have some record of contact with a consistent 78 or below student. EOC teachers: If you have a student on the border of an 80, I would make contact with parents to remind them of EOC counting as 20%.
  • Send me your Q3 grade distributions by Thursday, March 24.
  • Intent letters should be ready by March 24. They will be due by Monday, April 4.
  • SLCs: Remember to look in your folder and box in the kitchen area for information your students may need. Parents should be bringing you dinner Thursday a little after 5. Remember, our cleaning company is providing the meal from Fatz!
  • Board meeting: If you have any information you would like to share about your class, please send to me by 5:00 Thursday afternoon.
  • Very impressed with what I have seen from our Sr. Project and SPI student events.
  • This weekend is big for our school. We will have a national spotlight on GMC from New Orleans with over 1000 attending the National TAP Conference. We should know something around lunch time on Saturday.
  • On Monday and Tuesday of next week, we will have guests at GMC. As Ms. Wyss stated earlier in an email, this is hopefully starting the marriage process. At some point, we got to get the ring on the finger!
  • Building: A boring/drilling company will be behind the cafe Thursday and Monday in the wooded area. This is part of the initial construction process. Our bond application will be submitted prior to April 14 to JEDA. The first hearing will be held on April 20 and if approved, the next hearing will be on June 7.
  • If you have not completed the Jason Flatt Act training, please see James.
  • Link 1Sleep Important? No, we are not starting at 10!
  • Link 2 TED Talk on Improving Critical Thinking
  • Link 3: Stressed?

  • Enjoy the rest of the week!