On the 3rd Day of Christmas...

Get 2 30 count boxes of Energy Fizz for $65


These little packets are my best friends! Our energy fizz will give you the boost you need to get through your day. They are packed with B vitamins for energy, Green tea for antioxidants and energy, chromium to balance blood sugar and help increase alkalinity in your body. Drink a max of 3 of these per day. Tip: The box instructions say to add this to 8 ounces of water.

I like to dilute mine with about 24-30 ounces of icy water... often mixing both flavors together!

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Each 30ct box retails for $48.. Today only get BOTH boxes for $65 including tax and shipping!

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Great chance to try this product at a discount, stock up, or gift to someone trying to kick that soda habit.

Flavor options: Citrus and/or Pomegranate

Decreases cortisol levels (stress hormone)

13 calories

Less than 1g sugar

Equivalent to a little less caffeine than one cup of coffee... natural form of caffeine from the guarana herb.

Get with me by 10pm tonight if you would like in on this deal!

If you comment your paypal email, I'll send you an invoice!