Devion Layne

Introduction to France

-France cannot be france without greatness.

-Frances nickname "The Hexagon " (six-sided country)

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Northern France

-Paris is the, political and cultural capiltal of France.

-Lille is another important city has textile factories,chemical plants and steel mills

Southwest France

-This region has grapes that areused to make wines.

-Bordeaux has a reputation for producing the best wines.

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Southern france

-The two mountain ranges of France are the Alps and the Pyrenees.

-Its 4808 meters above sea level.

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The Mediterranean

-It attracts millions turists each year.The warm climate is good for sun bathing.

-The three cities in this region are Cannes, Nice, and Saint -Tropez.

-Marseille is the 2nd largest city in france.

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East France

-The Rhine river is most of the busiest comercial waterways.

-Resources in East France is coal, iron, and uranium.

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Frances history

-France was once known as the eldest daughter of the church.

-Charlemagne also named as Charles the great was the king of Italy.

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Language and culture

-French is a romance language.

-Paris is the capital of France.