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"UNRULY WOMAN" From Kenya Are Now On

Unruly Women, with host "Eunice"

Unruly women are women who have beaten contemporary or traditional odds to soar in various fields. These are women who have fought the norms of who and how women should be like in society. They have said no to being put down. They stand the test of time by being non conformists. They have depicted the struggles of women in the rise to leadership and women empowerment in various circles. They are in all sectors: environment, journalism, sports, education, art, public service, politics, business etc.

About Eunice

Eunice is a voice of our future and the co-founder of Society Against Negative Exclusion-Kenya (SANE-KENYA). She endeavors to promote inclusion of all in the areas of governance, economic participation and other forms of human relations among people of different social, religious, political and gender, through advocacy, human rights sensitization and performance of activities that unveil the beauty of our diversity

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Monday, Jan. 13th, 9am

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Bernadette Muyomi -Transformative Leader of Kenya

Meet the Minister of Public Service, ICT and Intergovernmental Relations in Busia County, Kenya, Bernadette Muyomi.

At 31 she has soared over male dominance to rise to different leadership positions. Her work on women’s empowerment has been through multi-disciplinary mentoring, advocacy and policy formulation.

Bernadette became the director in Pamoja Child Foundation, a position she held for only a year as she had to serve as a technical advisor on child protection to the director of children’s services in Malindi; a coastal town. This was a pilot project that nurtured the child protection guidelines of Kenya. With this project, Bernadette noted parents to be the perpetrators of injustices to their children and especially the girl-child. Parents voluntarily gave away or married off their children for sex in exchange for money to both locals and tourists. Child prostitution and child trafficking are high in this region and have led to high numbers of school drop-out. They addressed these issues by enhancing multi-sector child protection referral mechanisms that emphasized on an integrated approach involving teachers, health workers and children’s officers. They also created child friendly initiatives by nurturing confidence in the children to understand that they have a voice and a right to defend themselves.

After completing the one year assignment, Bernadette joined Actionaid International Kenya as Project Manager in charge of projects on Women and Land. By working with women at the grassroots, she played an instrumental role in pushing for women land rights to be anchored in the land laws that were enacted in Kenya in 2012. Read more at World Pulse

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