Is RTII right for your child???

The decision is yours.

What is RTII?

· Response to Intervention integrates assessment and intervention within a multi-leveled prevention system to maximize student achievement and to reduce behavior problems.

· Identify students at risk for poor learning outcomes, monitor student progress, provide evidence-based interventions.


· It can be very frustrating for a parent to watch their child struggle with academic and social skills, and / or behavior.

· Parents are constantly looking for ways to help their children when they see them struggling to keep up, or starting to fall behind their peers.

How does RTII work?

· RTI is a 3 tier process which will provide your son or daughter with additional support with their academics and behavior in school. Our goal is to assist your child in bridging the achievement gap and staying on grade level. Our staff will provide a variety of rigorous interventions based on which tier your son or daughter is placed or moves into. Here at ASPIRA we hope to provide each and every student with an enriched program that enables them to make the most of their individual talents. We hope to create life long learners that can positively give back to their respected communities in the future. RTI is a program designed to support our students.

Contact Information

If you feel RTI is right for your child please contact our Guidance Department at xxx-xxx-xxxx, and/or attend our parent workshop on November 5th at 7:00 p.m. in our auditorium at John B. Stetson Charter School!!!

Aspira Inc of PA


Latino students lag behind in school and represent the highest high school and college dropout rates among all demographic groups. As a formidable and growing group in this country, these are dire statistics. As such, ASPIRA of PA is dedicated to educational excellence and is working hard to attain quality education for all. ASPIRA of PA’s vision and strategic plan revolve around a cradle-to-college educational model. With a successful preschool, several successful charter schools from K-8th grade, a new K-12th grade cyber charter school, and several educational programs serving K-12th grade youth, ASPIRA of PA’s plan is coming to fruition. We aim to produce students that, upon graduating from high school, are fully bilingual/bi-literate and are socially conscious individuals dedicated to service communities in need.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a high quality bilingual, bi cultural academically enriched program in English and Spanish that enables students to make the most of their individual talents.