EAT Semester Exam

By Taylor S. King


Teaching: I am an education intern at Foster Village Elementary in Miss Camillone's kindergarten class. I go there twice a week and sometimes I go more for special events, for example I went with them on their field trip to Green Meadow's Farm. I also got to spend their thanksgiving feast with them!

Recreation: In our class at the BCTAL we are having a Breakfast Christmas Party on Thursday, December 17th. We all drew names and will exchange gifts through the game of Secret Santa.

Appreciation of Teaching: We made our site school teachers a painted wooden block that had a word or their name on it to decorate their desk or classroom with. They were all made with love, because we are so appreciated of our site school teachers and all the guideness they give us.

Fundraising: For fundraising I sold cookie dough and raise about $65.00! We have put our money that we all raised into our TAFE funds and use it to help pay for our TAFE activities.

Leadership: I went to Foster Village for their Breakfast with Santa on Saturday, December 12th. I sat at the Dear Santa table and helped children write letters to Santa. After the breakfast as over I helped cleaned up.

Education Awareness: On October 31st I went to TCU for awards day after regionals, TCU gave us information about their college.

Service Projects: We were suppose to bring cans for the food drive but none of us did...

My Future as a Teacher

So far my preparation is from this class, Education and Training. I took this class to make sure I would be making the right decision and trust me I have! Of course I did not think it took so much work to be a teacher, but it is so worth it. I cannot wait to help this world grow.

My dream school is Tarleton, (which I've been accepted to!), because it's not a big college nor a really small one either and it's not far from a big town, Ganbury, but it's defiantly not far from the country either. Also, my grandmother lives only 30 minutes away from it, so if i ever get homesick or need a family member she will not be to far away. The main reason i want to go Tarleton is they are known for their education department and that makes me very comfortable to be going there and majoring in one of their top departments.