Anne Frank Play

By: Zach Spraggins


The Anne Frank play is set in Amsterdam during the Holocaust in the 1940's. Located in a secret annex in an office building there lives the Frank family, the Van Daan's, and Mr. Dussel. Owned by Mr. Kraler who operates the building and helped out by their caretaker Miep

The Characters

Anne Frank

Anne is the Main character in the play, youngest daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Frank and the reason we know this story thanks to her diary given to her by her father right when they moved in. Anne is a very carefree spirited person very open minded and energetic. Anne also has another side to her a more serious caring side who wants to be loved by everyone but is taken over by her free spirit.

Peter Van Daan

Peter is a big part of the story during the play doing a few key things good and bad along the way. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan and around the same age as Anne. Peter has more of a shy personality and loves his cat Moushi, at first he seems timid arund people but eventually grows out of his shell near the end to were he has an intimate relationship with Anne. Peter is a man of his words who wants to help out but can be clumsy and sensitive.

Margot Frank

Margot Frank is the quiet one of the group. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank and the oldest of her and Anne. Margot is the opposite of Anne when it comes to what others think of her. While others think Anne is obnoxious and careless, Margot gives off a nice and caring air to the group. Margot in my opinion cares a little to much and exaggerates things, she just needs to cool down and be more her and not what other want her to be.

Mrs Frank

Mrs Frank is a helicopter mom who is married to Mr. Frank. Her daughters are Anne and Margot and she was a stay at home mom before they moved into the annex. Mrs. Frank is a very protective helicopter mom over both of her kids and wants everything in the annex to stay even among everyone. She doesn't have the greatest relationship with Anne because of their differences but eventually gets on better with her. Overall she has a very caring personality towards everyone

Mr. Frank

Mr. Frank is the leader of the group in the annex. He has great leadership qualities in his personality that help him in keeping control of the group. He is married to Mrs. Frank and the father of both Anne and Margot. Mr Frank even though he seems to be the least troublesome of the group he needs to bring the outside information to the whole group, he has too much riding on him and keeps too much information inside him.

Mrs. Van Daan

Mrs Van Daan is the wife to Mr. Van Daan and mother to Peter. She is a very spoiled lady who got all of her riches and goods from her grandfather. She attaches to all of the wrong things, for example when Miep came by to the annex and Mr Van Daan was trying to sell her fur coat but she was holding on and being dragged buy it just to keep it. Not only is she spoiled though but Mrs. Van Daan also has a carefree flirtatious side. Mrs. Van Daan flirts a lot with Mr. Frank during the play and is very open towards everybody else.

Mr. Van Daan

Mr Van Daan the Husband of Mrs. Van Daan and the father of Peter. At first when you read about Mr. Van Daan you think he is a nice influential man based off of the story of how he helped Mr. Frank originally when he came over to Amsterdam and all he did for him, but you later learn he isn't all that nice. Mr Van Daan has a horrible relationship with his son Peter mainly because of his cat Moushi who takes over Peters life. Peter is also a horrible team player who is grumpy all of the time and he even is later caught by the group for stealing their portion of bread which they originally thought was a rat.

Mr Dussle

Mr Dussle is a single dentist who is the last person to come into the annex by being pushed in by Mr. Kraler. Mr Dussle lies a lot during the play first and most prominent of all is when he says he is good with children to Anne but later has the worst relationship with all of the kids. Mr Dussle is the worst team player of all almost sacrificing the group for his own sake near the end. He is always in a bad mood and a horrible person to be around.

Mr. Kraler

Mr Kraler is the owner of the office building were the secret annex is held and everyone is staying for the time being. Mr Kraler is a friend of Mr. Frank and that is why they are staying in the annex. Mr Kraler is very grateful for everything Mr. Frank has done for him and looks up to him with great honor. Mr Kraler though isn't very good at big decisions and goes to Mr. Frank for every problem he has to deal with which turns out for the worse when someone blackmails him and a robber comes into the building, eventually leading to the annex where everyone was caught.

Miep Gies

Miep Gies is the caretaker for the group who gives them all of their needs and food. Miep will do almost anything for the groups good from bringing them a cake to bringing cigarettes. Miep tries to make everyone happy and gives off a happy air, when she comes in the room everyone's mood lightens up.