Tina Renee Sawyer

B.A. Applied Behavioral Sciences

A Little About Me...

Tina is a Senior here at Ashford working on her Bachelors - Applied Behavioral Science with a GPA- 3.63. However this is only the beginning of a long journey in order to earn a PhD and her ultimate goal is to open a clinic which will serve all in times of crisis no matter race or religion. Helping all is not only a passion but that of a nature instinct. One thing that Tina hold's close to her heart, no matter who or where we originate from, no matter the size of pockets referring to $$, one can fall and get lost in this big world of LIFE. The challenges one may face should be seen as obstacles that one must learn how to overcome.

Outside of helping others she finds great joy in gardening, crafts, kick-boxing, movies, music, animal behavior and long walks within the woods. That which brings a piece within when one with Nature. Over the years being that of a woman, she has wore a coat of many colors and continues this same path today. Encouraging others to reach for the stars is a matter of setting reasonable goals which are tangle able for each individual. Tina will be completing her degree in Applied Behavioral Science in March 2016 then moving onto her Masters - Clinical Psychology. Anything is possible in the light of Hope, Faith and Love.