Hristo Uzunov School Drugovo Macedonia
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How we learn reading

We read a lot and use a lot of online tools like the ones when the word pops up or lightens up when read. We also record ourselves reading and listen to our recordings to find mistakes. Our favourite recording tool is Toontastic
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How we learn math

We do a lot of math problems and we use online tools to help us learn like Geogebra. We have a lot of extra lessons and tests
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Lunch at our school

We don't have a diner at school so we bring our own lunch usually pies like spinach pie, corn pie or sandwiches with homemade cheese and organic vegetables. But sometimes we have snacks like chips and sweets.
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Tools we use to learn

Of course we have paper books but we also have ebooks. We have computers in all of our classroom one for each student and we use a lot of online tools. My favourite is Storybird. Next year every student will get a tablet he'll use at school.
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Our responsibilities at school

We have to turn on the computers when we get to our classroom and sign in to Edmodo, we have to turn them of when the lessons finish, Two students are responsible for the classroom, we take turns each week. We all take care of the garden.
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We will teach you something about our country

We have the oldest lake in Europe (lake Ohridsko).

We have the fourth oldest observatory in the world (Kokino).

There are 365 churches in the town Ohrid one for each day of the year.

The first Slovenian university in Europe was founded in Ohrid Macedonia.

One of the greatest conquerors in the world was Macedonian Alexander the Great.

Mother Theresa was born and lived in Macedonia.