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Dugouts. Transportation. Deadly. Stability. Steamships is a extremely, hard adventure. Also, are sometimes very DANGEROUS when you travel over seas. Back in the early 1900's people pass diseases on board while overseas. Overall, steamships are very dreadfully, deadly when you travel on adventures / seas .


Seamen are just watching for any people that will harm the ship for example: pirates or enemies ) For every 4 hours on and off, for total of 12 hours a day. But, not even paid at all, their food was very poor and unheated. Seamen were some of the time beaten or bullied by Ship Officers. Seamen suffered on or off board. Sometimes when you are on a steamship you will have to live poor or horribly torture...

Launching and Testing the Ship

A ship will launch as soon as it will float. its interior and structure are completed , fitted out, and painted after the hull is afloat. The hull will be painted before you will begin launching. If a ship is completed, then it will be taken to sea and be tested by its builder. But, if it is approved or all done, then its will be home to its own owner!!!

Eastland disaster

There was a deadly boat accident in Chicago on July 24, 1915. Almost 850 people died, it was so poorly designed and bad structure, like a little kid that was not sure what they were doing. Many people became trapped after the ship rolled 90 degrees to its left. By 7:30, the ship lay on its side on the river’s muddy bed, while people hurried out.
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People scrambling out before the ship collaspes on them...

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The ship is sinking down through the deadly waves, because the humongous waves keeps on collaspsing on the ship with loads of bloody water...


Steamships are a splashing, extraordinary, and scary adventure!! Steamships history has lasted for more than 200 years, or more! You may have lots of cargo on board.... But, can you survive a BLAZING trip?!
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