Careers in Computer Programming

By: Dylan Hughes

Computer Programmer

A person in this career corrects mistakes by changing the program to ensure the desired outcome. They also conduct trial runs of programs and software to be sure they will behave correctly. Writes and maintains computer programs and apps. Directs revision or repair on programs. Performs analysis on computer systems and maintains them. Compiles and writes programs and inserts comments in them so other can understand them. Consults and assists computer operators or system analysts to resolve problems in computers

Computer Programmers have an average salary of $89,170

Skills and Personality Traits Needed

If you want a career in this job you will need good reading comprehension, active listening, writing speaking, mathematics, critical thinking skills, active learning skills, and monitoring. You should be an investigative and conventional person. You should want to see the results of your work and get a felling of accomplishment. You like to work alone and you also like to be recognized for your hard work. You enjoy be supported by a large company and you like very good work conditions.

Education needed

You will need a bachelors degree in computer science, mathematics, or information systems. You may also take special courses in computer programming to supplement your degree in a field such as accounting, finance, or another business. You may also get certified in a specific area.

Employment Outlook

This job has a stable outlook with an annual growth rate of 3%. Approximately 227 job opening a year with 8,679 already employed.

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