Bottle Top Snowman Ornament

by Crystal Jang

what is my product used for?

My product is used for people who are getting ready for Christmas. You can get tops of bottles and paint it in white and put it together as you make a snowman ornament.

What impact will it have on the three R’s of trash?

It helps you save money from buying new ornaments each year and it helps save trash.

What is the step by step process to make your product?

  • you get 3 or more bottle caps in different sizes
  • get white paint and paint the bottle caps
  • add any decorations you want to add to the snowman
  • get super glue or any kind of glue that can stick together bottle caps
  • let it dry and add a hole to the top of the snowman
  • add a paper clip to hang on the Christmas tree

What materials will you use to make your product?

  • bottle caps
  • paint
  • paper clip

Does your product work and can it be used multiple times?

My product can be reused several times if the paint doesn't come off, but if it comes off, you can paint it again so you can reuse it.