Floribbean (Florida) Cuisine

By: Allison Roland and Monica Shah

What is Floribbean Cuisine?

*One of America's regional cooking styles

*The cuisine represents the variety and quality of food from Florida and the Caribbean Islands

*The cooking style used in Florida was influenced by Cuba, Jamaica, and the Bahamas

*The roots trace back to the Spanish exploring the New World

Latin Influences

*People from Latin America immigrated to Florida after WWII and brought their cuisine and cooking style

*Floribbean cuisine has strong Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Dominican influences

Floribbean Dishes

Agriculture of Florida

* Sweet corn

* Oranges

* Cucumbers

* Tomatoes

*Sugar cane

Florida Fun Facts

* The population is 19.89 Million

* Written records say that Europeans were the first to arrive in Florida, which marked the beginning of the American Frontier

* Florida was the 27th state

* The nickname is the Sunshine State

*Total area is 58,560 Square Miles (Land Area — 54,252 Square Miles/Total Water Area — 4,308 Square Miles)

Major Tourist Attractions

Restaurants in Miami

* Little Moir's Food Shack: Kid friendly, $$$

* Garcia's Seafood Grille & Fish Market: Takeout available, $$

* Guanabanas Island Restaurant and Bar: Outdoor seating, kid friendly, $$$

*Thirsty Turtle Seagrill: Outdoor seating, kid friendly, $$