Brown's Bulletin

January 9, 2016

Report Cards/Retention Letters

Thanks so much for your hard work on report cards! Report Cards go home on Tuesday 1/12. If you are considering a student for retention this year, please send home a Retention Letter in the student's report card. Please let me know the names of students who will be receiving a retention letter. I would also like to join the meetings you all schedule with the parents of students who receive a letter.

K-2 report cards were put in boxes on Friday, January 8th.

If you need a report card envelope or parent signature page see Kim Schneider.

Winter MAPS

Winter MAPs will begin next week (Jan. 10-15). We will not begin testing until Tuesday, January, 12th. Karen Price will update the NWEA student file on Monday, so I can organize test sessions. Once I organize test sessions, I will let you know the test session code for your students. You will have a test session code for both reading and math. We will not take language usage. 3rd-5th grade students will test in the classroom on their I-Pads. K-2nd will test in the computer lab.

Kindergarten and first grades will test all students. For 2nd-5th grade, it is recommended for students who scored below the 30th percentile be tested. However, we can add students to the test session, if you have concerns about a student and need/want winter MAPS data for instructional purposes. I have emailed you a scanned file of Fall MAPS scores. I have placed check marks by students who you may want to consider testing. If you want to add/delete students to the scanned list please let me know so I can set up test sessions correctly. Also, please let me know the names of any student in your class who did not take fall MAPS. Students who did not take fall MAPs will need to take winter MAPs. I will set up the "checked" students in test sessions.

Please have students bring scratch paper and pencils for the MAPs Math test.

WInter MAPs Schedule:

Tuesday, January 12th:

Brazil Reading: 8:15am

Montgomery Reading: 9:00 am

Wilson: Reading 9:50 am

Linn Reading; 10:45 am

Poore Reading: 12: 30 pm

Wednesday, January 13th

Allen Reading: 8:15 am

Gilmore Reading: 9:00 am

Hall Reading: 9:50 am

McDaniel Reading 10:45 am

Linn Math: 12:30 pm

Thursday, January 14th

Brazil Math; 8:15 am

Montgomery Math: 9:00 am

Wilson Math: 9:50 am

Poore Math: 10:45 am

McDaniel Math: 12:30 pm

Friday, January 15th

Allen Math: 8:15 am

Gilmore Math: 9:00 am

Hall Math: 9;50 am

3rd-5th grade students: Students will test in their classroom on their I-Pad. All students need to complete MAPs testing by dismissal on Friday, January 15th.

3rd Qtr Progress Reports

All Elementary Schools will be sending home the same Progress Reports this semester. Several schools piloted the "new" progress reports last semester. All elementary schools will transition to the new progress reports for 3rd Qtr. The goal of the district is to be consistent across all elementary schools and to mimic the report card while giving parents a better picture of how their child is performing on the indicators/standards being taught each quarter.

At the staff meeting next week, we will look at the progress reports briefly. At that time, we will discuss how to complete the reports. You will get your students copies of the progress reports the last week of January.

Cog-AT (2nd Grade Teachers)

2nd Grade students will get their Cog-AT score reports on Tuesday (1/12/15) in with their Report Cards. Each student will have a Student Score Report as well as a letter explaining the report. The Student Score Reports were put in your box on Friday, January 8th.

The three students who qualified based on Cog-AT are Gabe Seabold, Blake Speer, and Maddie Stewart! These students will receive an additional letter letting their parents know they qualify for GT.

Behavior/Hornet Goals

The January Hornet Goal is 14 hornets. January 29th will be the Hornet Celebration for students who meet the monthly goal. We will play BINGO.

Reminder- Please DO NOT send students to the office without completing a referral in Educators Handbook. If a MAJOR infraction (fighting, etc) occurs escort students to the office and THEN complete the referral. If you can't escort the child call the office and someone will come to retrieve students.

Also, you may have noticed a change in the processing of minor referrals. I (or Ms. Myles) will process the minor referral in Educators Handbook and print the parent letter. On the parent letter, we will write "Teacher will assign consequences and contact the parent." on minor forms. You are to contact the parents via phone, Class Dojo, email etc. The parent letter from Educator Handbook does NOT serve as you contacting the parent. Please document in your records when/how/who you talked to regarding the incident.

Please have students bring all referrals (minors and majors) to the office each morning to give to Kim Schneider.

Don't forget to hand out Hornets! We want to PROMOTE positive behavior rather than PUNISH negative behavior. :)


Please send me the names of students who you would like to be apart of the homework club in the mornings. If you want a student to continue in homework, please let me know that as well.

Reminder: We are striving to be PROACTIVE with homework. Students will work on the homework for the evening in the morning during breakfast. This gives the student time to ask questions and for misunderstanding to be addressed prior to the students going home.

F&P Folders

Please send your F&P folders to my office. Ms. Taylor and myself are going to "spot check" folders. We will pull 3-5 folders randomly from your class to analyze. This is NOT a "gotcha." We are looking to see where additional professional development is needed in order to standardize the F&P assessment across grade levels. This standardization is important as we strive to work together as a school PLC to better serve students in reading.

All F&P folders need to be turned in by Wednesday, Jan. 13th. If you have already filed yours in cum records, please let me know.

Data Charts/ RTI Discussions

I am up dating grade level data charts with the current F&P levels from student report cards. I hope to finish the December update to data charts next week.

Ms. English and I will complete reading and math assessment of the struggle students identified during the Dec. RTI discussions next week as well. The intent is to begin cross grade level, skill based groups the week of Jan. 18th.

The next data meeting needs to be scheduled with Ms. Simon and myself for the first week of February. Please email me a a couple options of days and times to meet with your grade level PLC the week of Feb. 1-5th. (If I haven't heard from your grade level by next Friday, Jan. 15th, I will schedule the meeting time.) The week of January 25th-28th, You will need to update students' instructional F&P levels based on informal classroom running records on data sheets. Data sheets can be found in the Canvas course " Student Data 2015-2016" in the "January" module. (Data sheets will not be available to update until Friday, Jan. 22nd)

Upcoming State Testing


WIDA the ELL testing for second language speakers will be conducted Feb. 2nd through March 18th. This only impacts a few Lesslie students. Ms. Hayes will get with teachers to schedule when ELL students are to be tested. The test has multiple parts (writing, listening, speaking, and reading) each part last approximately 30-60 minutes.


STAR testing will be conducted sometime between Feb. 16th and March 3rd. Ms. Prince and myself will administer the test to students. 2nd-5th grade students who qualify will get a letter sent home soon.


Please DO NOT "publish" these dates to parents/students, yet. The DO is still determining if 4th and 5th grade students will take PASS on-line or in the paper-pencil format. Once a decision on the format has been made by the DO, specific dates will be determined.

If students take On-line PASS the testing window will be May 11th-27th. Both science and social studies will be tested during the window.

If students take paper-pencil PASS:

Science PASS on May 11th

Social Studies PASS on May 12th.


SC READY will be the new state assessment for mathematics, writing, and reading. Just as with PASS, it has not been determined if students will take the online or paper-pencil version.

Please DO NOT "publish" the dates below to parents/students:

On-line version window April 19th -May 6th.

Paper-Pencil Dates:

Writing: April 26th

Reading: APril 27th

Math: April 28th

Much MORE information to come! :)