Kodu V.S Scratch

Assessment by Nurina

Kodu and Scratch differences

Kodu and Scratch are nearly the same. They are both game-designing applications and educational. Kodu can't customize the characters while Scratch can. On the other side, Kodu can customize the terrain anyway we want.

About Kodu

Kodu has many tools for users to customize your background or character actions. It is very simple and easy to use. Teachers can use it to teach their class how to make a game, storytelling, problem solving, programming and being creative. It is also easy to understand and it is known all around the world.

This application can be downloaded for free and you can use an Xbox controller .

About scratch

Scratch is as simple as Kodu but it can customize the characters.

The programming is a little different than Kodu. Scratch is also as popular as Kodu.

Which one do I prefer...

I would prefer Kodu because it is more interesting and easier to do programming. Plus, it is more 3D looking. Kodu has more customizing tools.