Valentine's Day

This Friday!

Love and friendship are in the air...

Hello! Many parents have expressed interest in having the children exchange Valentine's Day cards this Friday. So here is a list of the children who will be attending school on Friday.

There are 19 children who attend school on MWF's. A new child named Marcel joined the class last Friday. He will be attending 5 days a week. Welcome Marcel!

Have a great week and see you tomorrow!

1. Maggie

2. James

3. Jin Yi

4. Rylie

5. Ryan

6. Sarah

7. Julianna

8. Adriana

9. Greyson

10. Ian

11. Alissa

12. Anthony

13. Marcel

14. William

15. Larissa

16. Justin

17. Kirill

18. Bryce

19. Sophia