Alberta's Oil Sands

Thadsha 7K

It Says

Producing oil sands crude here means clear-cutting boreal forests and then removing as much as 100 feet 930 meters of underlying soil and peat up to four tons for each barrel of oil.

I Say

I say

I think that just for 30 meters of oil, they have to cut down a whole forest that provides us with oxygen. A lot of animals and their habitats will be destroyed and it could lead down to extinction. I think that even though that's a lot of oil, we shouldn't have to get rid of forests and destroy habitats for something that isn't very clean and efficient when we have alternatives.

And So...

I think that we could think of other alternatives to oil. Oil isn't renewable so, it isn't that efficient. We could come up with renewable resources and use them wisely instead of using oil. We could plant more trees in that area and shut it down. We already have a lot of renewable resources like solar, wind, tidal, wave, biomass, etc.