Old Town Star Staff News

January 19th through January 30th

Our ROCK STAR of the Week Is...

Marlene Hicks , one of OTE's Star PE Teachers!!! You are entitled to a week long jeans/shorts pass and the "traveling parking space trophy!!!" CONGRATULATIONS to you!!!!

A little about Coach Hicks ...

How many years have you been an educator?


Tell us about your family....

I am married to Tracy Hicks and we own "Hicks Fencing Company". My stepson, Trey, plays baseball for McLennan Community College. Tracy and I live in Georgetown with our 3 dogs, 8 chickens and a turkey.

What do you like to do for fun?

I love to get together with my sisters and RUN!

What's the one thing you enjoy most about working with students and/or families at Old Town?

I enjoy teaching my students new things and seeing their faces light up when they "get it"!

Tell us about one strength you possess.

I am organized!

*If you haven't already done so, please tell us a little about yourself here!

Weekly Reminders...

A friendly reminder to..
  • Be sure to pick up your students from Special Classes on time. Feel free to hold administration accountable to this as well at the end of meetings!
  • Return your Semester Award templates to Marie by Tuesday, January 20th!
  • Return your Teacher Nomination forms by Tuesday, January 20th!
  • Submit all your samples of feedback given to your writers by Monday, January 26th!

Our Next Week...

Monday, Jan 19

MLK Day – No school

Tuesday, Jan 20

Minor Campus AM – AP Mtg

Environmental Art Club 3:00

Wednesday, Jan 21

Mya’s Coaching Day

Popcorn Day

Star Store 3rd – 5th grade

Vertical Team Mtg. @ 3:05

Thursday, Jan 22

Mya’s Office Day

ARD Mtgs. (see separate schedule)

OTE Times Mtg 3pm

Friday, Jan 23

CAT Mtg 8:00am

SST’s 3rd – 5th

Mya off campus AM for PTA Council Luncheon

“Success is achieved by developing our strengths, not by eliminating our weaknesses” -Marilyn vos Savant

Link of the Week!

Here's a couple of great Chrome Extensions - Tab Scissors and Tab GlueEver

Wish you had dual monitors so you could work on two things at once? These two Chrome extensions can help you with that! Log into your gmail account, click on new tab at the top right of your current tabs and then the 9 colored squares on the left hand side.

Go to the Web Store and type in Tab Scissors, both the tab scissors/tab glue extensions will show up. Click on the "free" button and then "add" to install them on your chrome browser. You will now see them in the top right hand corner next to the URLs.

Click on the scissors to split your screen into two screens (when you have multiple tabs open) and then glue to put them back together.

Aiming for the Stars...

What another full and exciting week!!! A GINORMOUS THANK YOU to Hans and Frans, Mr. Guevara and the entire Family Fit Night Special Committee for another super fun and memorable event for our families!!! Special Appreciations to our Office Team for always being so flexible and providing top notch customer service!!!

As always, THANK YOU for your hard work in preparing to deliver world class instruction to our STAR Texans! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!


The Week After...

Monday, Jan 26

Mya’s Coaching day

Semester Awards – 8:00 1st grade & 9:00 5th grade

BAS MOY testing window opens for Kinder

Samples of Writing Feedback due to Mya

Happy Birthday Kathy Callaway!

Tuesday, Jan 27

Minor’s Coaching Day

Semester Awards – 8:00 4th grade & 9:00 2nd grade

Vertical team planning

Science Fair projects due today

Student Council Mtg 2:45

SOS Mtg 3:05pm

PTA Executive Board Mtg 6:30pm

Wednesday, Jan 28

Mya’s Coaching Day

Bluebonnet Voting

Faculty Mtg. @ 3:05

Thursday, Jan 29

Mya off campus RRHS Vertical Team Meeting

Science Fair!

ARD Mtgs. (see separate schedule)

OTE Times Mtg 3pm

OTE Variety Show rehearsal 3-5:30

Friday, Jan 30

BAS MOY testing window closes for 1st through 5th

Last Day for BAS Data Entry

CAT Mtg 8:00am

3rd Grade Semester Awards 1:00pm

Kindergarten Semester Awards 1:50pm

SST’s Kg – 2nd

Old Town Elementary Mission

To highly engage ALL learners in a collaborative atmosphere of critical & creative thinking