Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Who is the right candidate for total hip replacement surgery?

Total hip replacement is a surgical process wherein the diseased cartilage and the bone of the hip joint is replaced with artificial materials called prosthesis. The main purpose of this surgery is to relieve pain, improve the functioning of the hip joint as well as increase the mobility of the patient.

This kind of joint replacement surgery involves lot of post surgical care for the patient. Therefore it is recommended that you undergo such a surgery only after consulting the best orthopedic doctors. Here is a brief on who is the right candidate for a total hip replacement surgery,also known as total hip arthroplasty.

Generally those who suffer from osteoarthritis, osteonecrosis (condition wherein the death of bone is caused due to insufficient blood supply) or rheumatoid arthritis are regarded as the best candidates for this surgery. However there are cases where due to fracture, injury or bone tumors the hip joint may breakdown and need to be fixed with a hip replacement surgery.

Intense chronic pain along with problems in performing normal everyday functions like walking, climbing stairs or at times even getting up from a sitting position are the major reasons for undergoing hip replacement surgery. In this surgery the diseased ball and socket is replaced by a metal/ ceramic ball and an artificial plastic/ ceramic cup socket. In case the patient being operated is of a young age, a cement-less prosthesis is used so that its microscopic pores allow bony ingrowth from the normal femur into the prosthesis stem.

Though there was a time when hip replacement surgery was reserved for patients who were over 60 years of age, today with new technology and availability of improved artificial parts many age is no more a limiting factor for this kind of surgery. Unlike yesteryears the artificial balls and sockets can now withstand more stress and strain that too for a longer period of time.

India has emerged as a leading destination for hip joint replacement surgery. The main reason for this is the affordable fee at which such a complex surgery is performed in India. Along with low cost treatment, India is also preferred due to its highly skilled medical team and great patient care which is easily availed both before and after the performance of the surgery. Due to these reasons, patients from USA, UK, Germany, Canada and Australia prefer getting this and other joint replacement surgeries done in India

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