Gifted and Talented

Description of Exceptionality

  • Students that are gifted and talented "possess demonstrated or potential high performance capability in intellectual, creative, specific academic and leadership areas," (Friend, 2015, pg 251.)
  • Gifted and talented students vary across the U.S.
  • 6% of students are considered gifted and talented

Two Factors for Identifying Gifted and Talented

  • "Measured Intelligence"
  • Potential

Characteristics of Gifted and Talented Students

  • Insatiable curiosity
  • Keen memory
  • Able to concentrate very well
  • Display a wide variety of interests
  • Have high levels of language development and verbal ability
  • Ability to generate original ideas
  • Advanced ability to comprehend information with flexible thought processes
  • Heightened ability to relate back to other ideas
  • Able to use conceptual frameworks
  • Uncommon sensitivity for others feelings
  • Very developed emotional depth and intensity
  • Keen sense of humor
  • Sense of justice
  • Set high standards for themselves and become frustrated if they do not meet them

Strategies for Teaching Students Who Are Gifted and Talented

  • Curriculum compacting- Eliminate instruction on goals already met. Extra time invested in special interests.
  • Acceleration -Skip a grade or complete standards for two grades at once.
  • Enrichment- Provide student with materials that allow them to elaborate on concepts being presented in the curriculum.
  • Differentiation- Give students different goals so that they reach their full potential.
  • Individualized interventions- For those who come from a environment where high achieving is not valued. Find mentors for the students that come from similar backgrounds to motivate students to do their best.