Digital Safety Online

How to stay safe and in a happy environment on the internet!

What are your rights and responsibilities in a digital world?

Digital rights and responsibilities is having the right and freedom to be able to use all types of digital technology, while using the technology in an acceptable and appropriate manner. As a user of digital technology, you also have the right to privacy and the freedom of personal expression.

How can you stay safe on the internet when using social networks?

When online you should always have your social networking sites such as Facebook or Instagram on privacy settings. Never give out personal information to strangers or people you don't know very well. If your personal information is public you never know who can see what you post...


Never share your password with anyone and always make sure you have a long password, with some lower case letters, some capital letters and some numbers so that its more unlikely for someone to hack into your acconts.
Jigsaw: for 8 -10 year olds

Need help? You must speak now NOT LATER!

If you are suffering from cyber bullying or any kind of abuse you must speak up now! If you don't say anything you are endangering yourself even more and unfortunately sometimes teenagers have not said anything and have ended up doing self harm or even committing suicide...

Please if you are suffering in any way you must contact someone or let your parents know immediately!

You can stop suffering and go back to your normal life if you get help from someone! So it's vital to always remember; NEVER add strangers on your personal social media, ALWAYS have your settings on any kind of social media on PRIVACY settings, and NEVER give out any personal information to strangers or even people you don't know very well! And last but not least STAY SAFE ONLINE!!
Where can I go if I in need help? (click here)

Here is one of many links that you can go to if you are in danger of your safety or you are being a victim of cyber bullying or any possible problems online.

Cyber Bullying Virus