Ninth Amendment

Unenumerated Rights

What does the ninth amendment say?

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by people.
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What is the simplified version of this amendment?

Not all rights we have are listed in the Bill of rights. The government can't take rights away even if they aren't listed.

Why is this included as an amendment?

This is included because it was apart of the Articles of the Confederation then later revised to become added into the Constitution.

Court Case

Roe v. Wade: Privacy and Abortion- 1973

This court case occurred because Roe's lawyer felt it was wrong that her abortion had to be made into such a big deal when it was her choice. Wade, however, thought it was an act of murder and should be declared unconstitutional.

And the verdict was...

In 1973, the court recognized that this should be a right of personal privacy and gave her this personal privacy. The court realized that it was a woman's own right if she wanted to terminate her pregnancy. The end verdict was that the state could allow abortion during the first trimester, after that states could determine the out come if the abortion is in a later trimester.
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