Extracurricular Activity

Nicole Espinoza

extra-curricular activities now' more important' to university applications

What would you want your college to think about your admission? Every young adult should worry about what there appearance is going to look like whenever the head to college. A lot of people don't really worry about joining clubs,sports, or other activities that you can join. Being able to join clubs and other things can always look better on your resume when you attend college having the opportunity to be big on campus should be very important to a person. Do you know why you should join clubs or other activities? Joining basketball , softball , football or any other sport could get you places you didn't expect to be in even if it just a club like art, cooking, and chess clubs. Joining sports, and clubs will make your presence to the college more big there.

quotes from the article

" Unless you show why it will help you at university it is not that valuable - it is about being relevant and applied; not just ticking the boxes,"

" It is like on the [TV show] the the Inbetweeners when Will incourages all his friends to do the DofE because it looks good on your application," said David Davis.

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How i feel?

i believe that young people should be able to attend college, and have people know the, for a certain reason like if you are big in a sport or club people will know you are a good leader or teachers also pay attention to things like that. Also joining clubs or sports can make people think highly of you , and it can be a good way to earn certificates so people can know who you really are.