Wolfgang ♫ Amadeus Mozart


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Early Life

Mozart lived in a great family, and had a great life as well. He even had the opportunity to meet and play a song for the king himself. The surprising thing is, he did this when he was 6. People have also said that Mozart knew how to write music notes before he knew how to write his name!
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His Home

As you can see above, Mozart's home is very beautiful. He lived in a big house with his wife.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Synthesia - 100% Speed

His Music

Mozart has composed many pieces of music. Above, we have Mozart's "Twelve Variations of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", Which is one of his more popular pieces of music .

Other Music

Some of his other pieces of music are:



Symphony No. 1,

Symphony No. 36

Fun Facts!!!

1) Mozart has a snack named after him! The Mozartkuegl! (Mozart Bon Bon)

2) If you wanted to play ALL of Mozart music without stopping, it would take 8 days!

3) Mozart went to see an orchestra. When he came back, he wrote the entire thing on paper. From MEMORY!