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Chloe + Isabel by Split Pea Jewelry, May 11th

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Chloe + Isabel travels to the Amalfi Coast

The story begins with a cruise down the Italian coastline along the deep blue Mediterranean, where sea-salt breezes are kissed with the aroma of lemon orchards + every day is carefree. This rich, bold vibe carries throughout this collection in bursts of color + striking design - each one more vibrant that the last.

Now more than jewelry ... it's a Lifestyle.

How better to prepare for summer than the gather all your shopping in one place. Chloe + Isabel reveals all you need for summer - sunglasses, beach towels, straw hat, beach bags, hair ties, ankle bracelets, summer blanket scarves and iPhone cases. The glorious colors match perfectly with all the beautiful new jewelry released for summer. Be on your "beach game" with coordinating pieces that will make everyone notice you. Take a look at the items below and more in my Boutique!
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Men's Shop

All the men in my life (and my daughter's boyfriend) all love the bracelets from the first round of the Men's collection. Chloe + Isabel stepped up their game with the tie clips and cuff links. These are a perfect gift for Father's Day - coming up very shortly! Great gift sets that will fit within your budget.

Taking a moment to celebrate #1

My niece (we're so close in age she could actually be my sister) has a birthday today, so today I celebrate her! Amanda was my very first customer back in October of 2014. She and I have the most amazing adventures and I feel very close to my mom when we're together. She and I are the best parts of mom - she is outgoing and brave and unfiltered, whereas I am reserved and proper and sentimental. She doesn't live near, but I smile with each random Facetime call, private jokes and how much we support each other's kids. Happy birthday to my #1 customer and travel buddy!

C+I always on top of the latest trends!

Ear climbers - I had to do my research on what these were! For those of you who aren't a fan of heavy earrings, but love your bling now have your prayers answered. Ear climbers are the latest trend and we've now got 2 styles, 1 of them convertible! I've purchased these beauties, so set up a time to meet for a cool drink and check them out!

Convertiblility is the game changer!

Reverse cuff is blowing up in my Boutique with 2 reverse cuff necklaces! You've had a chance to peek at the reverse cuff bracelets in the past 12 months, but the Capri Convertible necklace and the Bianca Open Collar necklace are taking your summer fashion to a whole new level. These styles are hot in Europe and are making their way to the US. The Capri is gold tone whereas the Bianca will be a favorite for you silver girls. At only $58 and $42, you definitely will be able to pick up several pieces from the collection of your choice to get your summer ready.

Something Old - Something New

Don't neglect your current C+I pieces, contact me today to help you select pieces from the new collections to match your well loved pieces. I consistently shop at the same stores for clothing year after year. Ever notice a dress from 2009 still matches a new sweater from 2016 when purchased at the same store? Get the most bang for your buck by shopping with Chloe + Isabel.

Happier at Home

My trip wouldn't be complete without a new book in my bag. I'm headed off to the 1st Chloe + Isabel national conference in Orlando Florida determined to relax in the little bit of downtime we have available. Normally this would entail a great novel - but I'm changing it up a bit with "Happier at Home" by Gretchen Rubin. This is an extension of "The Happiness Project" directed at making yourself happier at home. Many changes are headed our way and I believe some organization (or no organization) and clutter removal will help my family find time to enjoy life. My great friend, Leslie, is an expert organizer and actually had a business for awhile helping others (and me) to unload what's holding them down. It's an exercise in mental clarity that I enjoy very much. Here's how it usually goes:

#1 - Leslie grabs a box and lays everything out on the counter

#2 - Leslie makes Gabby select items she wants to keep

#3 - Leslie makes 2 piles of "donate" and "toss"

#4 - Leslie makes Gabby find an appropriate space or storage for items kept.

#5 - Leslie loads up her car for "donate" pile and directs Gabby to dump the "toss" pile.

This is quite effective and has helped me recently unload 11 garbage bags of clothing and linens. With her help, I cleaned out 3 closets a few weeks ago! I've got a large pile of household items and furniture to sell at a summer garage sale or Offer Up postings. My mind is clear and now packing seems a little less daunting.

One tip from the book says "If something can be done in less than 1 minute, do it now." If there's an email that I can answer in just a sentence or two, I do it now instead of flagging it to answer later. I put my clothes away right when I get undressed at night and sort the mail right when I bring it inside. It's a practice that takes (literally) less than a minute, and goes a long way in making life feel less chaotic.

Mystery of the Amalfi Coast

Wednesday, May 11th, 5-7pm

This is an online event.

It's a Mystery Hostess Online shopping event to introduce the new Amalfi Coast summer collection by Chloe + Isabel. You all will get dedicated time with me as a group for styling and information about the latest jewelry line. I'll apologize in advance for the lateness of the event for those of you on VERY different time zones.
I will be giving away all of the credits from the event to 1 lucky customer (potentially $250 in credits). Once the Pop up reaches $1,000 in sales, I will be giving away the hostess collection for May. I will also be giving away some pieces of the new collection, so you're not going to want to miss the opportunity.
I'll be giving you chances to win throughout the next week so check back for ways to up your chances of winning the motherload.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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Gabby Jacobsen

Chloe + Isabel Merchandiser

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