Nothing But The Truth



The book, "Nothing But The Truth," is about a 9th grade boy, Philip Mallow, who loves track but hates school. Philip especially dislikes his english teacher, Miss. Narwin. When Philip started to sing the Star Spangled Banner, Miss. Narwin kicked him out of class which lead to a suspension. How far will Philip go into this rivalry with Miss. Narwin?

Nothing But The Truth

How far will Philip go making up lies and not telling the truth? Hes already off the track team so what more could he lose? Find out by reading the book!


This book takes place at Harrison, New Hampshire, at Harrison High School. It also is at Philips home where he talks to his his parents with his days experiences of the day.

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Final Reflection

Three things that I learned while reading this book were:

1) That victory doesn't always have the outcome you were expecting.

2) That most people believe what they see in text right away without even considering the other side or point of view.

3) That just because there's tension between a teacher and student, doesn't maen the teacher dislikes the student, but maybe their effort.

Why did Avi chose to write this book?

He chose to write this book to show that patriotism is a good thing, but when you mix it with lies and a story, it can be really bad. It shows that you need to be close to your friends, but even closer to your enemies.

About the Author

Avi (Edward Irving Wortis) is a novelist who writes to children and young adults. His first book was written in 1962. Since then he has written more than 70 books and won numerous awards. Now Avi lives in Denver, Colorado, with his wife, Linda Cruise Wright. He also has two children who are adults.

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