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Weekly News for April 20 through April 25

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Edited by Baynard Baggs and Graham Jenkins

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Message from Superintendent Robbie Owen


DMS Court

Congratulations to the 8th graders who made the 2015 Court! The Queen nominations are Zoe Brooks, Carianne Brown, Jordan Carroway, Alyssa DuCote, Mhairi Hannah, Trinity Johnson, Ashleigh Langham, Tinley Liffick, Alaina Russ, Marley Smith, Mandaline Thomas, Bradlie Walters, Rachel Weaver, and Kali Wilbourn. King nominations were Gage Bonnner, James Comerford, Andrew Gilbert, Aidan Gordon, Diego Guajardo, Russell Johnson, Hunter Lacoste, Donte Lee, Daylen Miller, Kole Powell, Jack Sprinkle, Nick Thompson, Christian Williams, and Mitchell Weed. Crowned were Daphne Middle School’s Court King Nicholas Thompson and Queen Marley Smith!
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Dates to Note

4/20 Last day for Field Day permission slip and money to be turned in

4/21 Chill Yogurt Fundraiser Special Snack payment due

4/22 Chill Yogurt Afternoon Special Snack

4/24 NJHS and FCCLA students to volunteer at Daphne East Field Day

4/20 Nettles library

4/20 - 4/21 8th grade Volleyball Tryouts

4/20 Track practices are held at Daphne Middle School from 3:15 until 4:30

4/21 T. Taylor library

4/21 Track County Championship at Gulf Shores Sports Complex.

4/22 Pendley library

4/22-4/23 7th grade Volleyball Tryouts

4/23 Law library

4/24 Madison library

ACT Aspire Standardized Test

  • April 20, 2015: ACT Aspire Science (Grades 3-8)

  • April 21, 2015: ACT Aspire Reading (Grades 3-8)

  • April 22, 2015: ACT Aspire Math (Grades 3-8)

  • April 23, 2015: Make-Up Test Day

This upcoming week, students will be taking the ACT Aspire tests. In order to help students, the DMS Peer Helpers have been going to classes and giving tips on how to take the test. More tips are on the DMS Students Moodle page. Peer Helpers included tension and stress relief tips. They also introduced a breathing exercise called Smiling Mind, an Australian program that is about five minutes long and walks you through a deep breathing exercise. Students are reminded to eat a healthy breakfast that includes protein, get lots of rest, dress comfortably (within the uniform policy) and practice stress relief techniques.

Tips for taking the ACT

  • Carefully read the instructions on the cover of the test booklet.

  • Read the directions for each test carefully.

  • Read each question carefully.

  • Pace yourself—don't spend too much time on a single passage or question.

  • Pay attention to the announcement of five minutes remaining on each test.

  • Make notes and do computations in your testing booklet. Examples are to underline main ideas, circle items relating to a story's plot, draw pictures to visualize math problems, "x" out answers that you know are incorrect, and work out all math problems.

  • Answer the easy questions first, then go back and answer the more difficult ones if you have time remaining on that test.

  • On difficult questions, eliminate as many incorrect answers as you can, then make an educated guess among those remaining.

  • Answer every question. Your scores on the multiple-choice tests are based on the number of questions you answer correctly. There is no penalty for guessing.

  • If you complete a test before time is called, recheck your work on that test.

  • Mark your answers properly. Erase any mark completely and cleanly without smudging.
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Official 2015-2016 BCBE Calendar

This is the newly approved calendar option for the 2015-2016 school year. The first calendar to be approved was determined not a good fit for the business of Baldwin County. This is the option that has been approved since the second vote took place.

Yoga Club Has a Few Spots Available

Just Breathe, a new Yoga Club at DMS started Wednesday, April 15. The focus is using yoga to learn coping strategies for reducing stress and anxiety. Kenney Jackson, a certified yoga instructor, is volunteering an hour of his time for the next 5 weeks to help students focus on breathing through the hard times. Six spots are available on a first come, first serve basis. For more information click here and email Mrs. Amanda Blake with any questions.

Peer Helper Applications for the 2015-2016 School Year are Now Available

2015-2016 School Year

Deadline for all application requirements is Wednesday, May 6

Peer Helper Program Overview

To equip young people to act as a resource to help other youth with the issues they face, the concept of “peer helping” was developed. Peer Helpers are students who are trained to recognize when their peers may have a problem, listen to fellow students confidentially and assist them with emotional, societal, or academic struggles.

A teacher or school counselor is trained in the certified National Association of Peer Program Professionals curriculum to be prepared to serve as a Peer Program Coordinator. The teacher/counselor Peer Program Coordinator in turn selects students to serve as Peer Helpers and trains them on the peer helping system. They learn a set of skills – attending, empathizing, summarizing, questioning, genuineness, assertiveness, confrontation, problem-solving, conflict resolution and confidentiality – that assist them in meeting the needs of their fellow students. In middle and high school, Peer Helpers are generally taught as a state accredited class; in intermediate and elementary school, Peer Helpers are generally led as a club.

As a part of their training, Peer Helpers agree to keep the issues other students share with them in strict confidence. However, if a student threatens to harm him or herself, exhibits psychotic behavior or reports abuse, the Peer Helper must involve their coordinator, a counselor or administrator immediately.

Peer Helpers not only assist classmates by listening empathetically, providing options for making healthy choices, becoming advocates, and helping them get involved in campus life. In the process of helping others improve their self-esteem, Peer Helpers can themselves become leaders and role models.

Application Requirements:

Peer Helper Requirements:

  • Peer Helpers are set at a higher standard than other students and my involvement will be challenging.

  • I must make Peer Helping a priority. Peer Helping requires time at school both as an elective class and time away from classes in which you will need to complete work independently. It will also require some time after school and weekends.

  • I must participate in required peer helper training that will be scheduled during the summer as well as throughout the school year.

  • I must set a positive example for my classmates by being accepting, supportive, and helpful.

  • I must abstain from negative use of technology/social media involving elicit, threatening, or sexual behavior or innuendos. I must abstain from the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other illegal drugs.

  • I must maintain confidentiality of students and of program related activities. I must document communication I have with other students in which I am performing duties as a Peer Helper.

Let the Games Begin

Field day 2015 is coming and it is going to be better than ever! This years events include inflatables, games, concessions, and students are more excited for Field Day then they have ever been! Students should have already turned in a form to order their shirts and buy a ticket, which were due this past Friday. Field day itself will be on May 8th, 2015. We hope to see you there!

Throwback to Medieval Times

Last week, Coach Larisey’s students worked on a group assignment, researching the people in Medieval Times. The class was split into six groups, and each group was assigned to certain people or groups from Medieval Society. The six groups were kings and queens, lords and ladies, knight and squires, noblemen, priests, and the last group was serfs and peasants. One question they had to answer was what level of power they had, and what that person’s role in society was. The students also had to explain what a typical day was like during those days. They also had to explain what they were happy about and what they didn’t like in their life during that time. The students included what a typical day was like for their role in society, and also explained what that person would wear and eat. The last task required one of the students from a group to draw a realistic picture of a castle during Medieval Times. To put the whole project together, the whole group represented their research in a powerpoint or Keynote. Through this project, students learned what it was like for various roles during the Medieval Times.

Art of the Week

These paintings are based on Kandinsky. He was a Abstract Expressionist, Russian Artist, and Founder of Abstract Art. The picture to the right is by Will Lowerey.

Istation Practice

Last week students were assessed on reading skills using the Istation program. All students should complete their Istation learning path per their April tier group to help develop their reading skills. Tier 1 students scored at grade level and should do 30 minutes of reading practice. Tier 2 students scored slightly below grade level and should do 60 minutes of practice weekly. Tier 3 students scored below grade level and are considered in need of intervention; these students should complete 90 minutes of reading practice each week. Istation learning path reading practice is done for homework weekly, but may be done in elective class if there is time in the schedule. Students will take their last Istation assessment May 1-6 in their English Language Arts classes.

Holocaust Writing Competition

Our Humanities students participated in a Holocaust Writing & Art Competition and were a part of Yom Hashoah on April 15. Lillie Yazdi won Honorable Mention in the art contest and will be given a "Best of School" award. Alyssa Ducote won Honorable Mention in the poetry contest. Lauren Meyer won Honorable Mention in the prose contest. The students Lillie Yazdi, Connor Phillips, Caroline Silva, and Anna Wilson had their art displayed in the event on April 15 in Mobile at the Jewish Synagogue on April 15. We are so proud of our DMS student that participated in the event. Congratulations. It’s amazing how much work they put into making such great pieces.

Waites Interview

by Hudson Arnold and Alex Hayes

Q. Why did you decide to continue teaching after you retired?

A. Because I love my kids! I did not want to leave them with a stranger!

Q. How much did you enjoy teaching?

A. I love teaching, I was born to be a teacher, it is my destiny.

Q. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

A. I go to the gym and I play with my grandkids.

Q. How long have you been a teacher?

A. I have been teaching 31 years.

Q. How do you feel about the students having MacBook?

A. I like a mixture of old school science (hands on) and computer science. Sometimes

computers make it too easy to cheat.

Q. What do you think of of the school’s lunch menu?

A. Yuck! We need dessert!

Q. What made you decide to retire?

A. They change the DROP laws so I would’ve lost my benefits. They would of made me a year one teacher again.

Q. What was your favorite aspect of teaching?

A. I love the kids and enjoy interacting with them. I love especially when they get a light bulb moment and you hear them excited about it!
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The members of National Junior Honor Society and FCCLA are teaming up to participate in Daphne East Elementary School’s Field Day, which will take place on April 24, 2015. Middle school students will help younger students with activities, games, and clean-up. Students will be able to choose to “check in” at DMS and then walk over or get dropped off at Daphne East. Students are expected to be on DEES campus by 8:00 A.M. to sign in and be assigned their stations. Students are also expected to bring a packed lunch or money for concession. Lunch will NOT be provided by PTA. Proper attire includes a purple shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes.

2015-2016 DHS Cheer Squad

Next years Varsity Cheerleaders are Caitlyn Adams, Sierra Bautista, Morgan Davis, Carder Dransfield, Amelia Forbes, Landry Garner, Gillian Gifford, Taylor Godwin, Avery Jensen, Caylen Kidd, Marissa Manning, Jordan Mitchell, Bailey Stewart, Brittany Strevel ,Casey Tomberlin, Kaliyah Valrie, Peeper Walker, Erin Williams, and Kinsey Williams. Next years Junior Varsity Cheerleaders are Kara Agee, Mckenzie Beard, Carianne Brown, Peyton Busby, Jaisa Calloway, Macy Crigler, Erin Fitzpatrick, Layla Havener, Jillian Oates, Shelby Patterson, Abigail Sullivan, Haley Saxon, Meesha Terral, Emily Tuveson, and Rachel Weaver. Congratulations to everyone who tried out!