iheartradio music festivel

September 19th and 20th,2015

The Experince

The iheartradio music fest/ award show is a show for music lovers of all ages.This s due to the reason of all the different types of music types.They present music goers with hip -hop music ,old schools(throwbacks), new school pop, old school rap, pop- rock bands ,the list goes on and on!

Really you were there too??

OMG!! The preformances!!

Music Powerhouses take it all!!

Oh, the comeback is REAL!!!!!

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P-diddy made a strong and maybe the best comeback to ever hit the iheartradio music awards stage. This was a throwback like no other and even had fans and "youngsters" swaying to the beat and just having plain 'ol fun!

And the winners are.........

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These duos are doing it right

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Making this hurt my heart:(

Look at all the pictures above and the reviews online i mean who wouldn't want to go? Though the ticket prices are way up there it'll be worth every penny. Transportation isn't a problem because the founders of the event make sure it's around the most convient hotels. I wouldn't want to go for where they're hosting it or anything like that, they could host it in the Sahara Desert and i'd still go,i'd go for the experience ,the energy, to be in the know by the water cooler. The day i go to iheartradio is the day i live!