Natalie's Residence Club Experience

October 10th, - 14th, 2016

Science with Seniors

During Science with Seniors we visited Park Meadows Greenhouse to spruce it up a bit. We trimmed all the dead leaves and watered the plants to bring them back to life.

In the coming days, we plan on adding a rose bush, poinsettias for the holidays, and growing some fresh basil, cilantro, and a variety of peppers. Natalie enjoyed this activity very much and we hope to have her help with our upcoming projects!

Creative Creations Experience

Natalie enjoyed discovering her creative creations side when we prepared Ghost pop suckers for our children friends who will be visiting for a trick-or-treat activity on Halloween. We laughed so hard at all the many different "ghosts" we prepared. Some had sad, mad, and funny faces.

Tai Chi Exercise Experience

Tai Chi occurs every Monday here at Park Meadows. Residence Club joins other residents in this gentle form of exercise that helps maintain strength, flexibility, and balance. After Tai Chi Natalie was a little worn out. This activity occurs for about 30 minutes.
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Resident Club Dining Experience

Natalie's Dinner Experience

Natalie enjoyed eating meals with the Residents Club. The social aspect of this activity engages everyone to get to know each other and develop a close bond and security with others. Residents Club offers reserved seating at lunch and dinner as an additional way to support independence and self-confidence in a social setting.
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Kyoto Hibachi Outing

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Natalie's Hibachi Experience

I believe Natalie's favorite part of her week was the Hibachi Outing at Kyoto. Although she was a little disappointed they didn't serve coffee she enjoyed the cooking show very much! Natalie had great delight in tasting her teriyaki chicken and rice.

Residents Club has once a week outings to a variety of locations such as museums, dining out, and theaters.