Life Style: North vs South (part 2)

By: Sheridan Miller

South: The Farmers & Less Educated

-Economy: agricultural based

-Population: 9 million (3.5 million were slaves)

-Climate allowed: large plantations (fertile soil & warm climate)

-Living Location: 1/10 population in urban area

-Immigrants: 1/8 settled in South

-Political View: Most Democratic

-Career Possibilities: military or agriculture

-Education: less went to school than North (less educated)

-Labor: 80% worked on farms

Family Tree

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The Family

Father: Bob




Mother: Ruth



-stay at home mom (cooks & cleans)

Oldest Daughter: Sarah



-takes care of siblings

-likes to sew

2nd Oldest Daughter: Darla



-likes to sew with sister

Oldest Boy: Jimmy



-helps father in field

-plays with siblings

2nd Oldest Boy: Carl



-plays with siblings

Baby: Samantha

-1 1/2


On Sunday they all go to church in their free time.

Live in Mississippi on a small family owned farm.