Mountain Gorillas

Big Fluffy Apes: By Noah Carney

Fun Facts About These Plump Animals.

Mountain Gorillas are 4 to 5 1/2ft when standing on two feet. They also weigh up to 440 pounds. Mountain Gorillas have thick black fur and brown eyes. Their thick fur helps them survive in the cold. Mountain Gorillas are herbivores. They eat many vegetable plants. Mountain Gorillas live in the high mountains from 8,000 to 13,000 feet in Africa. Mountain Gorillas spend half of the day eating. One third of the day they rest. 6.5% of the day they spend time moving from one location to the other. Last they spend 3.6% of the day socializing. These apes seem like very cool animals.
Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Fight

How Come Mountain Gorillas Are Endangered?

There are many reasons Mountain Gorillas are endangered. Humans have gone further and further into the gorillas territory. So the Mountain Gorillas have to move farther up the mountains which forces them into deadly conditions. Another reason is that when Mountain Gorillas come in contact with humans it can give the gorillas diseases. The next reason is when humans move near the Mountain Gorillas they clear a lot of the gorillas territory for agriculture and livestock. Illegal settlers cleared 3,700 acres of Mountain Gorilla territory. The last reason is people are doing something called poaching. People are killing Mountain Gorillas for bushmeat and pet trade. They are also being caught by traps that are meant for other animals. I hope these apes stay alive.