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News from North Park Elementary School Library

It's All Happening in the Library

The library is a place you can go to do all sorts of things. To read, do research, develop information literacy skills, reflect, pursue your interests, create presentations, and work with friends. Here is a glimpse of some activities in the library during the past couple of months.

Third Grade Puppet Shows

I have just finished a unit of study with the third grade classes based around an examination of the craft and structure of text. We began by reading and comparing folk tales from different cultural traditions that had a similar structure to the story of The Gingerbread Man. We analyzed the common elements in each story while also noting the differences. Then, in groups, the students created their own original versions of the story, taking into account setting, characters, action, dialogue, and resolution of the "problem." The students have great imaginations and some of their new story titles were: The Runaway Chicken Nugget, The Runaway Pizza, and The Runaway Chocolate Chip Cookie. The ideas were flowing free and fast! The students organized their stories, made storyboards and puppets and then performed their puppet shows. Here are some photographs that show the process. As you can see, a good time was had by all!

Surprise Happenings and Visitors in the Library

New Library Signs Foster Independence

The new library signs in the chapter book and picture book sections help students to find the books they are looking for. The signs guide students to books written by specific authors as books in these sections are organized in ABC order by the author's last name. These signs also make shelving go much faster, too!


Parents help out in the library doing all sorts of things from shelving books, checking books in and out, helping students to find books and repairing worn out spine labels. The students love to see parents in the library and Mrs. Feldman appreciates the extra helping hands! Thank you Mrs. Deman, Mrs. Faber, Mrs. Farrell, Mrs. Giammatteo, Mrs. Noakes, Mrs. Omari, and Mrs. Rothman.