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Educational Technology Support - January Edition

New Year - New Possibilities

Happy New Year! I hope that each of you had a restful holiday. I know that many of you made New Year resolutions. Many of you are determined to achieve the popular "lose weight" resolution. You plan to work out more, eat healthy, and/or get on one of the many diets available. You probably set your personal resolution, but have you set your professional resolution?

My professional resolution for the schools I support is to help teachers help students "exercise" their brains through preparation for the technology fair and the upcoming computerized Georgia Milestones Assessment. (Please note that the computerized version may not be applicable for everyone.) Regarding the Georgia Milestone Assessment, I understand the importance of preparing kids for the constructive response portion of the assessment in terms of using the computer. If you would like my support in this area, please contact me. Additionally, I can show you how to access nonfiction ebooks and lessons for your students. I can even model lessons (face-to-face or online) in your class. The choice is yours.

APS Tech Fair Registration Extended Until January 14, 2016

It's not too late to register your students for the APS Tech Fair. If you would like more information, please email me ( The date, time, and location of the fair are below.

APS TECH FAIR 2016 - Date, Location, Time

Saturday, Feb. 6th, 9am-11:45pm

225 Hamilton E Holmes Drive Northwest

Atlanta, GA



There are several tools in Atlanta Public Schools that can be used to transition to a paperless environment. Some of these are myBackPack, Blackboard, and Google Classroom. If you would like support in implementing one of these tools in your classroom, please contact me.


If you are in need of support around technology integration, please complete the request form. You may also contact me via email if you have questions. I can provide face-to-face and/or online support.

To better serve you, please complete the request form prior to me visiting you and complete the feedback form after I support you. Please note that I will receive notification once you complete each form.

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