A Trip to the Temperate Grasslands

Starting at $500

Travel Package

Food and Lodging for three days

Breakfast and Dinner served at campground

Tour guide and Free tour

Travel suitcase which includes


-portable food

-clothes (shirts, pants, skirt, weatherproof boots, and a hat)



-portable toothbrush and toothpaste

-bug repellent


-first aid kit


You will sleep in a tent that is available in the campground storage area, there are bathrooms where you will be able to wash. There is also a campground campfire area as well as a restaurant. Other materials such as umbrellas and other supplies will be provided there. There will also be a campground hospital.


In our special tour, you will be able to see all the plant life and animals living in temperate grasslands. There will be a tour guide where you will know all about safety precautions and information about temperate grasslands that in necessary for you to have the best time ever. You will be riding in a tour bus that seats up to 25 people at a time.

Where we are located

The picture on the right shows all the temperate grasslands throughout the world. We're located in The Palouse Prairie of eastern Washington State.

Fun Facts

Temperate grasslands are found throughout the world and receives large amounts od solar energy. Grasslands help stabilize climate conditions by absorbing and holding water by taking out the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and by recycling nutrients in soils.
Temperate grasslands exist on every continent except Antarctica. And in differeny continents, they are called different names. In Asia they are called steppes and in Africa they are called savannas.

Safety Warnings

There are coyotes, bobcats, and gray wolves.

Opening Days

Spring -