Budgeting Project!

Buy a house, car, etc. While staying in budget!


I attended University of North Texas, costing $21,900. I got a Master's Degree.


I am a Writer At Academic Partnerships. My monthly income is $4,407.12. My income taxes is $13,255. Also, my Gross Monthly Income is $4,418.
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I bought a 1987 Chevrolet Silverado, which cost $9,000. Monthly payments is $150. I have Geico as my car insurance, which costs $200 a month. Average cost for gas is $220.8 for gas. I spend a total of $570.8 per monton my car.

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My home purchase price is $124,900. The Mortgage costs $650. The electric company is Discount Power, costs $5.1 per kilowatt and costs $6,120 a month. The water company is City Of Dallas and costs $60 a month. The internet is bundled with cable and costs $59 a month. Insurance is Mercury, which covers Theft, Fire, Flood, and Natural Disaster. I spent an average of $6,889 a month.
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I spend an average of $125.56 a month on groceries. My phone company is T-Mobile, which costs $50 a month. Average spent on clothing is $40. My entertainment is Movies which costs $7.96 per ticket. I send a total of $223.52 on living.
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I do not have a husband or kids. My health insurance is BlueCrossBlueShield, which costs $180 a month. I spend a total of $180 a month on family.
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